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Tuesday February 7th, 2023 day edition

image for Texas attorney shot by Cheney during 2006 hunting trip dies

Harry Whittington, the man who former Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot while they were hunting quail on a Texas ranch 17 years ago, has died.

Whittington and others were hunting with Cheney on the sprawling Armstrong Ranch in South Texas on Feb. 11, 2006, when Cheney, while aiming for a bird, struck Whittington, who was 78 at the time.

My other invitation was to go quail hunting with Dick Cheney.”.

Cheney said the accident happened after Whittington had stepped out of the hunting party to get a downed bird in deep cover.

Bush used the building for his gubernatorial campaign headquarters, as did former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Bush, then governor of Texas, appointed him in 1999 to lead a restructured Texas Funeral Services Commission, which was embroiled in a whistleblower lawsuit.

“He was an extraordinary human being, and to be remembered as being the victim of a hunting accident sort of gripes me," Rove said. »

DeSantis to Take Control of Disney’s Orlando District Under New Bill

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The bill would make good on DeSantis’ promise last year to take over the district, after Disney criticized a state law that restricts instruction on gender identity and sexual identity.

The new legislation would reestablish the district under a new name, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.

If it becomes law, the bill could face a legal challenge from Disney, which stands to lose control over a wide range of functions at its Orlando theme parks. »

Greece pledges 'every force available' to aid Turkey

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Greece's prime minister on Monday pledged to make "every force available" to aid historical rival Turkey after the neighboring country was hit by a deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake.

The powerful earthquake, felt in Turkey and in Syria, has killed nearly 1,800 people, leveled buildings and caused tremors felt as far away as Greenland.

Despite decades of animosity and recent tension over migration and hydrocarbon exploration, Greece and Turkey have a long history of helping each other in earthquakes. »

Japan’s Long-Awaited Return to Geopolitics

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Russia’s war in Ukraine, which marks the return of naked, World War II-style aggression to Europe, is surely another such inflection point.

In geopolitics, rarely do we realize that a tectonic shift is taking place the moment it is happening. »

Bank of America CEO: We're preparing for possible debt default

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The CEO of Bank of America (BAC), America’s second-largest bank, told CNN he hopes lawmakers resolve their issues, because the market and economy love stability.

Yellen subsequently said there could be a “global financial crisis” if there is no debt limit agreement.

The latest drama about the debt ceiling has led to some calls for the government to get rid of it entirely. »