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Thursday February 2nd, 2023 morning edition

image for Lawsuit can proceed against Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

FILE - Kyle Rittenhouse keeps his composure while starting to cry as he is found not guilty on all counts on Nov. 19, 2021, at the Kenosha County Courthouse in Kenosha, Wis. A federal judge in Wisconsin on Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023, ruled that a civil rights wrongful death lawsuit filed by the father of a man shot and killed by Rittenhouse during a protest in 2020 can proceed against city officials, police officers, Rittenhouse and others.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A federal judge in Wisconsin ruled Wednesday that a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the father of a man shot and killed by Kyle Rittenhouse during a protest in 2020 can proceed against Rittenhouse, police officers and others.

John Huber is seeking unspecified damages from city officials, officers and Rittenhouse. U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman on Wednesday dismissed motions filed by Rittenhouse and the government defendants seeking to dismiss the civil rights lawsuit.

Rittenhouse had argued that the case against him should be dismissed because he wasn’t properly served with the lawsuit.

Rittenhouse first killed Rosenbaum, 36, in the parking lot of an auto dealership and as Rittenhouse ran from the scene he stumbled and fell.

Grosskreutz last year filed a similar lawsuit against Rittenhouse.

Rittenhouse has maintained a high public profile, particularly on social media, where he is an outspoken advocate for gun rights. »

Fireworks in House after Democrat says 'insurrectionists' should be banned from leading Pledge of Allegiance

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He said the rule would give members “the ability to invite inspirational constituents” to be able to share and lead in the pledge.

Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., the committee's ranking member, immediately objected, arguing that House members already recite the pledge on the floor every day.

"I don’t know why we should pledge allegiance twice in the same day to show how patriotic we are," he said. »

Spectator dies after melee at Vermont middle school hoops game

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ALBURGH, Vt. -- A brawl broke out among spectators at a middle school basketball game in northern Vermont, and a 60-year-old man who participated in the fight died, police said.

The fight ended before troopers arrived, and many of the participants had left.

He was taken by ambulance to the Northwestern Medical Center in St. Albans, where he was pronounced dead. »

How Russians Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the War

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Sure, Russians are becoming divided, and their opinions polarized, as people grow tired of war.

Still, 2022—a year of war, a year of permanent shock—has done little to change popular acquiescence for the regime.

In March 2022, 80 percent of Russians “definitely supported” or “mostly supported” Russia’s war, according to a Levada Center poll. »