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Wednesday February 1st, 2023 evening edition

image for Missing radioactive capsule found in Western Australia

SYDNEY, Feb 1 (Reuters) - Australian authorities on Wednesday found a radioactive capsule that was lost in the vast Outback after nearly a week-long search along a 1,400 km (870-mile) stretch of highway, an emergency services official said.

The military was verifying the capsule and it would be taken to a secure facility in the city of Perth on Thursday, Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson said in a news conference.

The radioactive capsule was part of a gauge used to measure the density of iron ore feed from Rio Tinto's (RIO.AX) Gudai-Darri mine in the state's remote Kimberley region.

The ore was being taken to a facility in the suburbs of Perth - a distance longer than the length of Great Britain.

Officials from Western Australia's emergency response department, defence authorities, radiation specialists and others have been combing the a stretch of highway for the tiny capsule that was lost in transit more than two weeks ago.

Officials said the capsule apparently fell off a truck and landed on the side of the road, adding that it was.

The silver capsule, 6 mm in diameter and 8 mm long, contains Caesium-137 which emits radiation equal to 10 X-rays per hour. »

Missing radioactive capsule found in WA outback after frantic search

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A tiny but potentially deadly radioactive capsule has been found in WA’s outback, after it sparked a frantic search and unprecedented public health warning spanning hundreds of kilometres.

The radioactive capsule was found just outside Newman Its loss sparked an unprecedented public safety warning over 1,400km.

A 3D printed replica of a missing radioactive capsule that was lost in transit in Western Australia. »

Woman ‘killed lookalike’ to fake own death

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A woman in Germany has been accused of killing a lookalike she found on Instagram to fake her own death.

Shahraban K, who was living in Munich, allegedly set up fake Instagram accounts and tried to arrange meetings with women who looked similar to her.

Shahraban K and Sheqir K, her 24-year-old Kosovan boyfriend, allegedly made an offer to the victim about beauty products and went to meet her in Ingolstadt. »

Erdogan says Turkey positive on Finland's NATO bid, not Sweden's

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ANKARA, Feb 1 (Reuters) - Turkey looks positively on Finland's application for NATO membership, but does not support Sweden's bid, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday.

"Our position on Finland is positive, but it is not positive on Sweden," Erdogan said of their NATO applications in a speech to his AK Party deputies in parliament.

We will not say 'yes' to their NATO application as long as they allow burning of the Koran," Erdogan said. »

US still has the worst, most expensive health care of any high-income country

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As a country, the US spends more on health care than any other high-income country in the world—on the basis of both per-person costs and a share of gross domestic product.

Yet, you wouldn't know it from looking at major health metrics in years past; the US has relatively abysmal health.

The US was the only high-income country in the analysis that does not guarantee health coverage. »