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Saturday January 28th, 2023 day edition

image for Dungeons & Dragons Scraps Plans to Update Its Open Game License

Wizards of the Coast, publisher of Dungeons & Dragons, announced today that it will no longer be pursuing deauthorization of the Open Gaming License 1.0a, abandoning plans previously stated in the drafted OGL 1.2.

Dungeons & Dragons executive producer Kyle Brink said in the statement that “these live survey results are clear.

This sentiment was expressed so overwhelmingly in the playtest OGL 1.2 that Wizards of the Coast had to pay attention.

One thing to note is that Brink states that putting the entire 400-page SRD into the Creative Commons means that fans don’t need to “take [Dungeons & Dragons’] word for it.”

Ever since the rumors around the OGL 1.1 began to circulate in late November 2022 , third- party content publishers and fans of Dungeons & Dragons began to mobilize.

Fans rallied around hashtags, influencers, and journalists as they sought to Open D&D and preserve the OGL 1.0a and its legacy.

If Dungeons & Dragons follows through with all its promises in this statement, it’s possible that they could restore the goodwill it lost between then and now. »

Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

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Police in Memphis released the body camera footage showing the moments leading up to the deadly beating of Tyre Nichols, an unarmed 29-year-old Black man who was pulled over by officers.

Prior to the video release, Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn Davis had called the officers' actions a failure to the community. »

UK scientists discover method to reduce steelmaking’s CO2 emissions by 90%

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Researchers from the University of Birmingham have developed an innovative method for existing furnaces that could reduce steelmaking’s CO2 emission by nearly 90%.

The iron and steel industry is a major cause of greenhouse gasses, accounting for 9% of global emissions.

This drastically reduces emission by the amount of coke needed and, subsequently, lowers steelmaking’s emissions by up to 88%. »

Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Is Trying to Open a Gun Range That Serves Alcohol

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According to local news reports, Waukesha County Judge Jennifer Dorow, a conservative candidate, and her husband Brian, are developing an indoor gun range that would not only host weddings and other events, but would also serve alcohol.

The couple requested a Class B liquor license to sell beer and wine to members and guests in the “clubhouse.”

Dorow mentioned the project at a January meeting of the Republican Women of Southeast Wisconsin in audio obtained by Jezebel. »