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Thursday January 26th, 2023 morning edition

image for First Navajo woman becomes Speaker of the Navajo Nation Council

The first-ever woman was elected the 25th speaker of the Council on Tuesday, the first day of the winter session.

Council Delegate Crystalyne Curley, 37, who represents Tachíí/Blue Gap, Many Farms, Nazlini, Tsélání/Cottonwood, Low Mountain, became the first woman to head the Navajo Nation Council.

“Especially following all of my speaker protégés, the ones that came before me,” Curley said, adding that it still “hasn’t fully sunk in.”.

Curley bested Tuba City representative, Council Delegate Otto Tso, who served as the 24th Navajo Nation Council speaker pro tem since November.

Morgan served as the 20th Navajo Nation Council speaker from 2003 to 2011, followed by Naize, who resigned in 2014 after he was charged with 11 counts of bribery.

“I was just helping her move from the house, and I was so shocked,” she said Monday night at the Navajo Nation Council Chamber.

Marilyn added she was “speechless” that Crystalyne is the first woman in the Council’s history to become its speaker. »

Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama say they have no classified documents

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Former presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama say they don't have any classified documents.

Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton are sidestepping the classified documents controversies embroiling their successors, with staffers saying the former presidents all turned over their materials to the National Archives and Records Administration years ago when they left office.

Biden, Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence are each facing controversies over the improper storage of classified documents. »

US joins Germany in sending tanks to Ukraine as Biden hails ‘united’ effort

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Joe Biden has approved sending 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, a significant escalation in the US effort to counter Russian aggression as international reluctance to send tanks to the battlefront falls away.

01:05 Moment Volodymyr Zelenskiy learns Germany approved sending tanks to Ukraine during interview – video.

But until now, the US has resisted providing its own M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, citing extensive and complex maintenance and logistical challenges with the hi-tech vehicles. »

‘Unknown possible explosive device’ that prompted evacuation was an egg, officials say

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(WAFB) - The St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office said an “unknown possible explosive device” that prompted an evacuation back on Saturday, Jan. 21, was actually an egg.

The potential threat prompted the evacuation of Barrow Street in Amelia between Lake Palourde Road and Duhon Boulevard.

According to SMPSO, 911 contacted dispatch around 11 a.m. about a call that the “unknown possible explosive device” was found at a home in Amelia. »

Lawyer: Warnings boy had gun ignored before he shot teacher

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“On that day, over the course of a few hours, three different times — three times — school administration was warned by concerned teachers and employees that the boy had a gun on him at the school and was threatening people.

When another employee who had heard the boy might have a gun asked an administrator to search the boy, he was turned down, Toscano said.

“He was told to wait the situation out because the school day was almost over,” she said. »