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Tuesday January 24th, 2023 day edition

image for M&M's puts spokescandies on "indefinite pause" in wake of uproar over changes to green M&M

M&M's made headlines last year for redesigning its so-called "spokescandies" – most notably, changing the green M&M's white go-go boots to sneakers.

"In the last year, we've made some changes to our spokescandies.

The changes to the candies were meant to focus on their personalities, rather than their genders, M&M's said at the time.

But after the changes – like the green M&M's shoes – were announced, debates and memes began circulating online.

Therefore, they've decided to take an "indefinite pause" from the spokescandies, and in their place, actress Maya Rudolph will become spokesperson.

In the past, the brand's parent company Mars was criticized for the green M&M's sexy characterization.

The blue M&M was introduced the same way in 1995 – but that color stuck, the AP reports. »

Morocco Becomes The First African Country To Give Tanks To Ukraine

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Morocco sold an unknown number of T-72B tanks to be modernized in the Czech Republic and deployed to Ukraine, media reported on Sunday.

According to an Algerian news outlet Menadefense, the Moroccan army sent nearly 20 vehicles to the battlefield last week.

The report underlined that the turrets of the tanks are in the original colors of the Moroccan army (sand). »

Four Oath Keepers convicted of Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Four members of the Oath Keepers were convicted Monday of seditious conspiracy in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack in the second major trial of far-right extremists accused of plotting to forcibly keep President Donald Trump in power.

Oath Keepers leader Rhodes and Florida chapter leader Kelly Meggs were convicted of seditious conspiracy in the previous trial that ended in November.

Three other Oath Keepers have pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in the hopes of getting a lighter sentence. »

Free the nipple: Facebook and Instagram told to overhaul ban on bare breasts

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“Lactivists” spent the 2000s attempting to squash the image of breasts as inherently sexual, and the campaign to #FreetheNipple went mainstream in 2013.

The phrase entered pop-feminist parlance in 2013 after Facebook took down clips from the actor/director Lina Esco’s documentary Free the Nipple.

The phrase ‘Free the Nipple’ went mainstream after Facebook took down clips from a documentary of the same name. »