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Friday January 20th, 2023 evening edition

image for Mystery divers rescued near Polish energy sites in the middle of the night offer dubious explanation, and vanish

The three men, who told authorities they were Spanish nationals, were rescued near the Polish coastal city of Gdansk on Saturday night after their small motorboat broke down and they couldn't return to shore.

They were rescued not far from the Naftoport facility at the Port of Gdansk, which receives tanker shipments of oil and other and petroleum products.

They were also found near an area where there are plans to build a new floating natural gas terminal.

The Maritime Search and Rescue Service SAR told CBS News the rescue operation involved police officers, firefighters, and medical workers.

SAR spokesman Rafal Goeck described the rescue operation — at just before 2 a.m. local time — as "rather unnatural.".

According to Polish media reports, only one of the men had a Spanish passport, while the others offered only verbal identification.

Poland's port of Gdansk, which is vital to the country's energy supplies, sits only about 20 miles from Russia's far-flung, equally strategic western territory of Kaliningrad. »

Exclusive: Brazil launches first anti-deforestation raids under Lula bid to protect Amazon

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Reuters exclusively accompanied raids led by environmental agency Ibama in the rainforest state of Para to stop loggers and ranchers illegally clearing the forest.

The agency also launched raids this week in the states of Roraima and Acre, Ibama environmental enforcement coordinator Tatiane Leite said.

Lula on the campaign trail last year pledged to put Ibama back in charge of combating deforestation with beefed-up funding and personnel. »

The World Economy No Longer Needs Russia

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Now, as we approach the one-year anniversary of Putin’s invasion, it is apparent that Russia has permanently forfeited its erstwhile economic might in the global marketplace.

Putin’s natural gas leverage is now nonexistent, as the world—and, most importantly, Europe—no longer needs Russian gas.

Because it is now apparent that the world no longer depends on Putin’s oil. »

Dev Notes - Return to the Class System

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Dev Notes - Return to the Class System In-depth look into the journey of Returning to the Class System in Battlefield 2042.

Improve the sense of role - The changes were a great foundation to reintroduce Class gameplay to Battlefield 2042, however weapons needed to be included into this in some way.

Meta, Choice & Balance The return to the Class system will shake up how you are used to playing Battlefield 2042, from Gadgets and Equipment now being attached to the Class of your particular choosing, to how you’re approaching the role of that Class as you play throughout your matches. »