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Saturday January 14th, 2023 night edition

image for ‘People are leaving the game’: Dungeons & Dragons fans revolt against new restrictions

“I almost cried about it two nights ago,” said Baron de Ropp, who is 36 and lives in Tennessee.

While some adventures are written by D&D itself, many others are written by individual “dungeon masters”.

“Many people are simply leaving the game altogether,” said William Earl, a 28-year-old YouTuber whose videos largely focus on D&D culture.

He said he had cancelled his subscription to D&D Beyond, Hasbro’s digital game companion, and would never buy another WoTC product.

More than 66,000 fans signed an open letter addressed to Hasbro, D&D Beyond, and WoTC, expressing disgust at the proposed changes.

While fans were still digesting Hasbro’s content restrictions, they were hit with news that D&D is headed into the mainstream.

For De Ropp, D&D media shouldn’t take itself too seriously or follow the tone of a moody Marvel-esque blockbuster. »

Ukraine credits local beavers for unwittingly bolstering its defenses — their dams make the ground marshy and impassable

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This is in part because of beavers building dams, with nobody stopping them due to the war.

Local beavers are helping Ukraine defend itself from a potential new front in Russia's invasion, Reuters reported on Thursday.

The animals are unwittingly helping Kyiv by building dams that keep the ground marshy and impassable, a military spokesman told the agency. »

Former GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan calls on Rep. George Santos to resign: 'This isn't an embellished candidacy, it's a fraudulent candidacy'

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Former GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan told CNN's Jake Tapper that Santos should resign.

Former GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan doesn't believe Rep. George Santos of New York will be able to hold onto his seat in the House of Representatives.

"Congressman George Santos, he's lied about apparently everything on his resumé," Tapper said to Ryan Capping off a 12-minute interview. »

Swedish govt moves to get rid of permits needed for dancing

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The Swedish center-right coalition government wants to abolish a decade-old permit requirement, meaning the days of the so-called dance license is doomed.

In 2016, the Swedish parliament voted unanimously to do away with the permits but the requirement still exists in law and is enforced.

Swedish broadcaster SVT said that for the past 20 years, lawmakers from every party except the Social Democrats have favored abolishing the permits. »

Boomers Lose Their Majority in Congress

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Baby boomers, or those born from 1946 to 1964, no longer make up the majority of Congress.

While still clinging to the top generational spot, boomers make up only a plurality of the newly convened 118th Congress, according to a CQ Roll Call analysis of lawmakers’ birthdays.

But in Congress and elsewhere, we all trudge along in the great cattle drive of life, and eventually get put out to pasture. »