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Friday January 13rd, 2023 morning edition

image for YouTubers said they destroyed over 100 VHS tapes of an obscure 1987 movie to increase the value of their final copy. They sold it on eBay for $80,600.

YouTubers said they destroyed over 100 VHS tapes of an obscure 1987 movie to increase the value of their final copy.

The YouTube channel RedLetterMedia posted a video in an attempt to drive up the value of a rare VHS.

After amassing many copies of the obscure '80s movie "Nukie," they said they ruined all but one.

Their final tape of the movie sold for $80,600 on eBay.

A pair of YouTubers said they destroyed over 100 copies of a VHS tape as part of an experiment to try and increase its value.

They sold the final copy from their collection for $80,600 in an eBay auction.

The caption of the video read, "As the owner's of 1000s of crappy VHS tapes, we were curious to dig deeper into this trend.". »

Mining firm: Europe’s largest rare earths deposit found in Sweden

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Europe's largest known deposit of rare earth elements — key for building electric vehicle batteries and wind turbines — has been discovered in northern Sweden, mining company LKAB announced today.

The Swedish company found a deposit of rare earth metals exceeding 1 million tons of rare earth oxides.

No rare earth elements are currently mined in Europe, with China providing nearly 98 percent of the EU’s supply. »

US cancer death rate drops 33% since 1991, partly due to advances in treatment, early detection and less smoking, new report says

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The US cancer death rate has fallen 33% since 1991, which corresponds to an estimated 3.8 million deaths averted, according to the report, published Thursday in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.

HPV, or human papillomavirus, infections can cause cervical cancer and other cancer types, and vaccination has been linked with a decrease in new cervical cancer cases.

Data showed that the US cancer death rate rose during most of the 20th century, largely due to an increase in lung cancer deaths related to smoking. »

Republican candidate's wife arrested, charged with casting 23 fraudulent votes for her husband in the 2020 election

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According to prosecutors, Taylor cast 23 fraudulent votes for her husband in the 2020 election.

The wife of an Iowa Republican who ran for Congress in 2020 was arrested Thursday and accused of casting 23 fraudulent votes on behalf of her husband.

But Taylor was more successful in the fall 2020 general election, where he ran as a Republican candidate for the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors. »

CVS sued by a fired nurse practitioner who refused to prescribe birth control over religious beliefs

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A former CVS Health nurse practitioner is suing the pharmacy chain for firing her after she refused to prescribe birth control, citing her religious beliefs.

Texas resident J. Robyn Strader said in the suit that her Baptist faith prevents her from prescribing contraceptive and abortion-inducing drugs.

She said that for 6½ years, CVS granted her a religious accommodation to forgo having to prescribe the drugs at the CVS MinuteClinic where she worked. »