Kevin McCarthy on George Santos: Well, Is There a Charge Against Him?

Authored by and submitted by Tough_Gadfly

In a vacuum, such amounts of rain may superficially sound like a welcome interruption in a region blighted by drought. After all, the massive rainfall is part of what are known as “atmospheric rivers,” systems operating as rivers in the sky, which provide the region with much-needed water. But outside of the vacuum, this series is dropping too much precipitation too quickly. This is largely due to the ever-worsening impacts of climate change.

Warmer and drier conditions have led to more punishing drought in the region; such conditions have helped spark even more damaging wildfires and left the land less able to soak up precipitation. The conditions also lead to less staying annual snowpack, precipitation coming instead in the form of rainwater. All that combines in a recipe for disaster, as is on display now.

Terrifyingly, an August study warned the risk of once-in-a-lifetime megafloods is increasing and will become more damaging, particularly if human-caused climate change patterns continue. The study suggests that storms like the one in California will happen more often, and the “ceiling” for megafloods will increase in both likelihood and potential damage.

JonathanDP81 on January 11st, 2023 at 23:30 UTC »

"The important thing is that he voted for me."

Fynn_the_Finger on January 11st, 2023 at 23:29 UTC »

What he wants to say: "Fuck off, I need his vote."

Madhavaz on January 11st, 2023 at 23:13 UTC »

When you are defending a grifting, lying conman then you have made a wrong turn in life. But for McCarthy this has been his choice since 2015. He's got plenty of practice.