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Wednesday January 11st, 2023 morning edition

image for George Santos should not get intelligence information - CREW

George Santos should resign from Congress, but should he refuse, Kevin McCarthy must not seat Santos on any committee where he is given access to classified information, according to a letter sent today by CREW.

Santos’s misrepresentations of large swaths of his background have proven his tendency to lie for power and personal gain.

It is clear that he has not demonstrated the trustworthiness necessary to guard our country’s most closely guarded secrets.

“Santos’s serial misrepresentations of the truth about a vast array of subjects have demonstrated an astonishing level of untrustworthiness,” said CREW President Noah Bookbinder.

“It would be a threat to our national security to allow him to serve on any committee where he would gain access to national intelligence.”.

Santos lied about graduating from a university, falsely claimed he worked for two Wall Street firms, and claimed that his grandparents had survived the Holocaust while falsely implying that he is Jewish, among other false or unsupported statements.

He claimed he ran a mysterious family firm worth millions, raising questions about whether he lied on any of his Federal Election Commission filings or on his congressional financial disclosure form. »

Gigabit internet is now a legal requirement for new homes in England

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My years-long battle to get gigabit internet installed may soon be over, thanks to new rules introduced by the UK government that make it easier to install faster broadband into apartments and flats across the UK.

DCMS claims that gigabit broadband is currently available in over 72 percent of UK households and is targeting full nationwide gigabit-capable broadband coverage across the UK by 2030.

I can personally attest that getting a fiber optic network — not just gigabit — installed into flats and apartments in the UK is a nightmare. »

National Guard General Fired For Ordering Troops To Take His Mom Shopping

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A general with the California National Guard has been relieved of duty after he reportedly ordered troops to take his mother shopping.

While Magram hasn't denied the accusations, he says no one has ever complained about running errands for him.

After finding Magram guilty of the offenses, a National Guard board has determined he'll be "involuntarily transferred" to the U.S. Air Force retired reserve, which a spokesman says is "parallel" to being fired. »

New CA & WA pay transparency laws show Blizzard pays QA way less than Riot & Bungie

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This includes high-profile names in the gaming business, such as Blizzard, Riot Games, and Bungie.

Taking a look at current listings for similar QA jobs at Riot Games (QA Engineer), Bungie (Destiny Test Lead), and Blizzard (Diablo 4 Test Lead), Blizzard is listing the lowest pay of the three.

While this is a pretty wide range, it’s below the ranges listed for Riot ($98,009 – $132,700) and Bungie ($86,000 – $108,000). »

Rep. Katie Porter announces run for U.S. Senate in California

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“I’m running for the U.S. Senate because Californians deserve a warrior fighting for them in Washington,” Porter, 49, wrote.

Today, I'm proud to announce my candidacy for the U.S. Senate in 2024. — Katie Porter (@katieporteroc) January 10, 2023.

“It’s not dictated by what Katie Porter does, nor would it ever be,” the person said, also citing the California storms. »