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Tuesday January 10th, 2023 day edition

image for House Republicans voted to gut the House Ethics Committee, and George Santos said it was 'fantastic'

House Republicans voted on Monday to hobble the Office of Congressional Ethics.

The body will now likely be limited in its ability to carry out investigations due to staffing shortages.

George Santos, facing multiple investigations and ethics complaints, called the changes "fantastic.".

The Office of Congressional Ethics, first established in 2008, is a quasi-independent body tasked with investigating allegations of misconduct against members of Congress.

"It does call into question if they're just going to remove it every time they're in the majority," said Ocasio-Cortez.

McCarthy's office did not immediately respond to a detailed set of questions from Insider seeking an explanation of the proposed changes.

In 2017, House Republicans voted in conference to subsume the office under the House Ethics Committee, effectively neutering it. »

6-year-old who shot teacher took the gun from his mother, police say

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The shooting, which police say "was intentional," took place at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News on Friday, Jan. 6.

The teacher, identified as 25-year-old Abigail Zwerner, was teaching a lesson when the child drew the weapon, Police Chief Steve Drew said a a news conference.

The teacher "took a defensive position" and held up her hand, Drew said; the bullet passed through her hand and entered her chest. »

Czech Prime Minister personally signs T-72 tank that will be given to Ukraine

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The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Petr Fiala, personally signed the T-72 tank that will be sent to the Ukrainian military.

"I wrote a short message to the brave Ukrainian defenders on the T-72 tank that will soon go to Ukraine.

I believe that Ukrainians will win in their fight against the Russian aggressor," wrote Petr Fiala, adding a photo. »

Lab-grown retinal eye cells make successful connections, open door for clinical trials to treat blindness

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Retinal cells grown from stem cells can reach out and connect with neighbors, according to a new study, completing a “handshake” that may show the cells are ready for trials in humans with degenerative eye disorders.

They coaxed human skin cells reprogrammed to act as stem cells to develop into layers of several types of retinal cells that sense light and ultimately transmit what we see to the brain.

“But after being grown in a laboratory dish for months as compact clusters, the question remained — will the cells behave appropriately after we tease them apart? »

The Satanic Temple dedicating 'largest satanic gathering in history' to Boston mayor, will require masks

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The Satanic Temple is dedicating the "largest satanic gathering in history" to Democratic Boston Mayor Michelle Wu after the group wasn't allowed to deliver a satanic invocation at Boston City Hall.

The Satanic Temple said it is dedicating the event to Wu "for her unconstitutional efforts to keep TST out of Boston’s public spaces."

The Satanic Temple filed a lawsuit in 2021 after multiple requests to deliver a satanic invocation at Boston City Hall were denied. »