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Saturday January 7th, 2023 evening edition

image for Biker Gets Caught After Posting Police Chase on TikTok

A biker in Georgia was on the run from the law and almost got away with it, that is until he prematurely posted about his victory on social media.

The Clayton County Police Department issued arrest warrants for an unidentified motorcyclist who uploaded a video of themselves being chased by the police on TikTok and YouTube, WSB-TV reported.

The motorcyclist was being chased by Georgia State Patrol and managed to throw them off the trail.

However, authorities were able to identify the make and model of the rare sports motorcycle through footage posted online of the chase itself using investigative software.

The police department celebrated the arrest with a siren and police car emoji on their post.

Clayton County police issued a total of 12 arrest warrants for the biker, although the charges were not announced.

T he more common cases are of social media users posting pictures of drugs or guns. »

Kevin McCarthy elected House speaker on 15th round after fight nearly breaks out

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The longest contest for speaker of the House of Representatives in more than a century has come to an end with the narrow, dramatic election of House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy to the role.

Alabama Rep Mike Rogers is restrained after yelling at Florida’s Matt Gaetz after his repeated refusal to back Kevin McCarthy on 6 January.

Kevin McCarthy personally appeals to Matt Gaetz following a 14th round of voting for House Speaker. »

Norway Replaces Russia As Germany’s Top Gas Supplier

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Norway became Germany’s single-largest natural gas supplier in 2022, overtaking Russia, as total German gas imports dropped by 12.3% compared to 2021, the German Federal Network Agency, Bundesnetzagentur, said on Friday.

Norway provided 33% of the gas Germany imported last year, followed by Russia, whose share fell to 22% for last year, compared to a 52% share in 2021, said the German regulator.

The lack of gas deliveries from Russia was partly compensated for by additional imports, including from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Norway, the German network agency said today. »

Russia preparing to mobilise extra 500,000 conscripts, claims Ukraine

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Ukraine’s warning of a new mobilisation comes as Russia claims to have adhered to its unilateral ceasefire on Orthodox Christmas.

If the estimate proves correct, Russia will have almost doubled its prewar force in the space of a few months.

Much will also depend, he said, on the continued supply of western ammunition and weaponry to Ukraine in order to equip the new reserve units Ukraine is preparing. »

Redfall isn't Arkane's Left 4 Dead – it's the studio's spin on Far Cry

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But, in terms of the way that you play and experience Redfall, it's not like those games at all.

When you think of Far Cry, your mind is likely flooded with images of exotic landscapes and faraway paradises.

"Redfall sometimes feels like what you'd get if you blended the Arkane creative values with Far Cry 2 or S.T.A.L.K.E.R.," Smith continues. »