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Thursday January 5th, 2023 day edition

image for FBI says two men attacked Washington's electric grid in order to commit a robbery

FBI says two men attacked Washington's electric grid in order to commit a robbery.

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Two men have been charged with federal crimes for attacking substations in Washington State, an act of sabotage that left thousands without power on Christmas Day.

Federal agents say one of the men confessed to knocking out the power in order to commit a burglary by emptying the cash register of a local business during the power outage.

The FBI says cell phone records led to the arrest of Matthew Greenwood, 32, and Jeremy Crahan, 40, both residents of Puyallup, Wash.

"The outages on Christmas left thousands in the dark and cold and put some who need power for medical devices at extreme risk.".

A public defender assigned to Matthew Greenwood declined to comment, while the lawyer appointed to defend Jeremy Crahan says he expects to enter a not guilty plea. »

BREAKING: Meta prohibited from use of personal data for advertising

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The final decision requires that Meta may not use personal data for ads based on an alleged "contract".

Users therefore need to be provided with a yes/no ("opt-in") consent option, otherwise Meta may not use their data for personalized advertisement.

The core issue was that Meta illegally processed user data for more than four years, the DPC shielded Meta and they got voted down on the EU level.". »

Madison Indigenous arts leader, activist revealed as white

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One of them was nibiiwakamigkwe, also known as Kay LeClaire, a founding member and co-owner of the queer Indigenous artists’ collective giige, and budding leader of Madison’s Indigenous arts community.

One problem with that narrative: LeClaire wasn’t Indigenous, and was, in fact, profiting from the identities of Indigenous peoples.

AdvancedSmite said they have no prior connection to LeClaire nor to the Madison Indigenous community, and are not personally involved in this case. »

Melted butter clogs historic canal and storm drains after dairy plant fire in Wisconsin

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A dairy plant caught fire in central Wisconsin on Monday night, sending the melted contents of a storage room full of butter flowing through the building as it went up in flames, local authorities said.

The runoff seeped into surrounding storm drains as well as a large canal adjacent to the business, which ultimately clogged the waterway despite crews' efforts to contain the spread, CBS Chicago reported.

Melted butter clogged a canal in central Wisconsin on Monday night, Jan. 2, after a fire broke out at a nearby dairy plant. »