Big-Butt Ants Are A South American Delicacy

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Big-Butt Ants Are A South American Delicacy

Bugs are everywhere, and they do a whole lot of good for us! Bees spread pollen and make raw honey, and a praying mantis will fight off grasshoppers and other not-so-friendly garden pests. We benefit greatly from all kinds of bugs, but we can use them for another thing as well — something that's good for the planet and our stomachs. We can eat them! The practice of eating insects may be old, but it isn't dying out! Healthline states that as the world experiences food shortages and environmental devastation, many foodies are now focused on eating sustainably, and insects are a large part of that because they have a low impact on the environment, need less food and resources than other animal products, and are a pretty good source of protein and antioxidants.

Eating insects isn't close to being a new concept, our ancestors have been chowing down on these little bundles of protein for years. Grasshoppers are a delicacy in several parts of the world, including Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, China, and the Netherlands (via Terminix). Ants are also fantastic food insects. According to the BBC, there have been records of people in South America, specifically Colombia, intentionally harvesting and cooking ants for consumption since the 7th Century. Ants have many uses in the region including medicinal, spiritual, and culinary purposes, especially among the indigenous peoples still residing on their native lands.

clamslammer707 on January 2nd, 2023 at 00:23 UTC »

Big butt aunts are a worldly delicacy ;)

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Strengthens immunity with all those Anti-booties

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to go with the implants i bet