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Monday January 2nd, 2023 day edition

image for High on Life can trap players inside Applebee's forever

There's a bug in recently-released comedy shooter High on Life (opens in new tab) that traps players inside an outer space version of the restaurant Applebees.

In a moment which I know is a bug but that feels extremely on-brand, players seem to keep getting trapped inside the Space Applebees.

The only way to get past this is to... start the game over.

Space Applebees has devoured your game and you cannot have it back.

I too spiral into depression when my sister leaves with her new boyfriend and do not want to exit the Applebees.

Game is realistic, 10/10, etc. Applebees, if you don't know, is an American chain restaurant which is a fixture of strip malls and highway exits.

Stuck inside Space Applebee's," says a Reddit (opens in new tab) post. »

Ground crew worker killed after being "ingested" into plane engine at Montgomery, Alabama, airport

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Montogmery, Ala. — A member of an airline ground crew working at an Alabama airport died Saturday afternoon in an accident at the facility.

The National Transportation Safety Board said in a statement that a member of ground support personnel was "ingested into the engine" of an aircraft while it was parked at the gate with the parking brake set.

The airport said in a Twitter post that normal operations resumed at 8:30 p.m. and an FAA investigation into the incident is ongoing. »

Lula da Silva sworn in as Brazil’s president amid fears of violence from Bolsonaro supporters

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Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva was sworn in as Brazil’s president for the third time on Sunday, as threats of violence loomed from supporters of his predecessor, Jair Bolsonaro.

Parliamentarians applauded Lula before breaking into a chant of “ole, ole ola, Lula, Lula.”.

Brazil's new President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva gestures as he is sworn in at the National Congress, in Brasilia, Brazil, January 1, 2023. »

Atlus Teases Several Unannounced New Titles for 2023

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Along with the different card illustrations, each game company has congratulatory messages and comments for 2023.

Along with an overview of their releases in 2022, Atlus’ message reveals that the company is planning to prepare several unannounced new titles for 2023.

In 2023, we will start with the remastered releases of P3P and P4G, and we are also preparing several new unannounced titles. »

Ukraine Strikes Military Quarters In Russia-Controlled Donetsk Region: Report

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Ukraine's forces shelled on New Year's Eve the city of Makiivka and other places of the Moscow-controlled parts of the Donetsk region, Russia's officials said, with reports saying that a military quarters were hit, killing many.

The Moscow-installed administration of the Donetsk region in Ukraine said on Sunday that at least 25 rockets were fired at the region overnight on New Year's Eve.

In its daily report on Sunday, it said that it had destroyed seven HIMARS rockets, including in the area of Makiivka. »