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Saturday December 31st, 2022 evening edition

image for McDonalds workers take in more than 50 people during storm

“We had to make the right choice for us and our other manager with us.”.

Knowing they had a warm place to stay, and plenty of food, Kosha opened up an invitation to anyone stuck on the streets to come to the McDonalds.

“We accepted the fact that we weren’t going home, so we might as well open up,” she said.

It wasn’t long before Amherst Police and fire were dropping off stranded motorists at the McDonalds, and into their care.

In fact, more than 50 people throughout the Christmas weekend sought shelter inside the food chain.

Kosha, Spangler and Kendall making sure everyone had what they needed to stay fed, and warm.

The team took in people from all over Western New York, even a baby as young as 7 months old. »

Russia’s New Winter War

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The Swedes were neither the first nor the last European army to suffer the ravages of “General Winter” on Russia’s frontiers.

Exacerbated by the vast expanse of the Eurasian landmass, winter fighting there has often proved to be the downfall of great armies.

The Russian idea of urban warfare had still not evolved from World War II, with their artillery, the “god of war,” smashing everything to rubble. »

Trump Declared In Presidential Debate He Shut Down Chinese Bank Account. He Didn't.

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Donald Trump, in response to a question during a 2020 presidential debate with Joe Biden, insisted that he closed down his bank account in China before his first campaign.

“Generally, you only have bank accounts in a foreign country if you are doing transactions in that country’s currency,” Goldman tweeted Friday.

In addition, Trump did not annually donate his $400,000 presidential salary to charity, as he has claimed. »

Brazil will have first Indigenous woman chief for key post

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She is widely known as the leader of the main umbrella group for Brazil’s many Indigenous tribes and is a member of the Amazon Guajajara.

“It is a collective achievement of the Indigenous peoples, a historic moment of reparation in Brazil.”

An organization of officials who work in Indigenous affairs also congratulated the future minister and the Indigenous social movement in general for the nomination. »

The Al-Assad Regime’s Captagon Trade

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The trade freighter was loaded with about six tons of Indian processed cannabis and three million super-strength Captagon pills, together worth 100 million USD.

In recent years, areas controlled by the Syrian regime have witnessed explosive growth in the manufacturing and trafficking of Captagon.

Hezbollah is among the groups operating on Syrian soil to regulate the Captagon trade. »