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Thursday December 29th, 2022 evening edition

image for Tasmanian devil found under couch in Hobart home, after being mistaken for dog's plush toy

About 10pm on Wednesday Kirsten Lynch heard her four-month-old golden retriever puppy give "a very strange bark".

She ran downstairs and went to pick up the puppy's Tasmanian devil-shaped stuffed toy, when the plush "toy" started running.

"I went to reach for it and the devil shot underneath the couch," she said.

"This little Tasmanian devil was hiding underneath my couch.".

Ms Lynch originally thought the devil was a plush toy.

Greg Irons, with Callie the Tasmanian devil, said juvenile wild animals may look for food and water close to suburban areas.

A week ago, a Tasmanian devil was seen roaming the streets of West Hobart before it was taken to taken to Bonorong, reportedly "riddled" with facial tumour disease. »

Supreme Court Shadow Docket Is Showing - Once Again - Its Contempt For Consistency When It Stands In The Way Of Their Political Goals - Above the Law

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The latest kick to the gut of the Court’s legitimacy came yesterday via the shadow docket — because of course.

The thing that really chaps my hide about the decision is the wild inconsistency on COVID policy.

That is until you see the through line is current conservative political goals, not any sort of jurisprudential theory. »

Can a Video Game Be Prestige TV?

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In 2001, a Japanese developer released Ico, a minimalist puzzle-based game about a boy and a girl escaping a castle.

Druckmann recounted the experience when I met him in Santa Monica at the headquarters of Naughty Dog, the studio behind The Last of Us.

He saw Alfonso Cuarón’s “Children of Men” while working on a game called Uncharted, and, he remembered, “It made me angry.” »

A Free World, If You Can Keep It

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Then as now, Americans acted not because they faced an immediate threat to their security but to defend the liberal world beyond their shores.

Even Americans’ intervention in World War II was not a response to a direct threat to the homeland.

Americans should have a frank and open debate about what role they want the United States to play in the world. »

Professor sues TikToker who accused her in University of Idaho murders

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Two people place flowers at a growing memorial in front of a campus entrance sign for the University of Idaho, Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022, in Moscow, Idaho.

"What's even worse is that these untrue statements create safety issues for the Professor and her family," the statement continued.

A flyer asks the public for information as police investigate the stabbing deaths of four University of Idaho students in Moscow, Idaho. »