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Monday December 26th, 2022 morning edition

image for Only Russia's nuclear arms preventing West from declaring war - Putin ally

Dec 25 (Reuters) - Russia's nuclear arsenal and the rules Moscow has laid out for its use are the only factors preventing the West from starting a war against Russia, a top ally of President Vladimir Putin said in an article published on Sunday.

In an interview aired separately on Sunday, Putin said Russia is ready to negotiate with all parties involved in the war, but said that Kyiv and its Western backers have refused to engage in talks.

Medvedev, who once cast himself as a liberal moderniser as president from 2008 to 2012, is one of the most hawkish proponents of the war.

He regularly denounces the West, which he accuses of wanting to break Russia apart to benefit Ukraine.

"Is the West ready to unleash a fully-fledged war against us, including a nuclear war, at the hands of Kyiv?"

Putin and other senior officials have repeatedly said Russia's policy on nuclear weapons dictates they can be used if there is a threat to territorial integrity.

Earlier this month, Putin said the risk of a nuclear war was rising, but insisted Russia had not "gone mad" and that it saw its own nuclear arsenal as a purely defensive deterrent. »

3 Pierce County utility substations vandalized, cutting power to more than 14K on Christmas

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“We live right over there off of 224th and we lost power.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department says just before 5:30 a.m. on Sunday they received a call of a burglary to the Tacoma Public Utilities Substation off 46th Avenue in Graham.

Deputies called Puget Sound Energy, which also provides power in the area, and they confirmed that their substation off 144th Street was also hit. »

Movie fans can sue over misleading trailer, says US judge

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Movie fans disappointed that their favorite actor was cut from a film after appearing in the trailer can sue the studio for false advertising, a US judge has ruled.

A class action suit filed earlier this year alleges fans had been led to expect the Cuban "No Time To Die" star would feature prominently.

"At its core, a trailer is an advertisement designed to sell a movie by providing consumers with a preview of the movie," the judge wrote. »

Meek Mill pays bail for 20 Philadelphia women during holidays

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Rapper Meek Mill has paid bail for 20 women so that they can spend the holidays at home, according to the REFORM Alliance, an organization he launched in 2019 alongside Jay-Z.

The women were incarcerated at Riverside Correctional Facility in Philadelphia and were unable to afford bail, according to an Instagram post from the REFORM Alliance.

Five of the women were released on Saturday, and 15 more will be released in the coming week, says the nonprofit. »

Endangered Manning River turtle hatchlings spotted in NSW after four years of surveying

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Endangered Manning River turtle hatchlings have been spotted in the wild for the first time since surveying for the freshwater species began in 2019.

Mr Gollan, a HLLS senior land services officer, said a team of ecologists recorded the first sighting of Manning River turtle hatchlings in recent weeks.

Efforts were also underway to have the Manning River turtle listed as endangered federally, as well as its current NSW endangered listing. »