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Thursday December 22nd, 2022 evening edition

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The DOL has fined the franchisee $6,685 following an investigation that found certain employees were asked to direct traffic, then paid with meal vouchers instead of the minimum wage as legally required, the federal agency said.

In addition, employers are responsible to pay workers for all of the hours worked and the payment must be made in cash or legal tender.".

In addition to having to pay a fine, the franchisee during the summer faced a backlash on social media for offering to pay food instead of cash.

A now-deleted post on its Facebook page had the eatery asking for "volunteers" for its drive-thru.

The drive-thru job was "simply for those who want to earn some free Chick-fil-A," the eatery said in a screenshot of the post.

A corporate spokesperson told Insider in July that the company did not endorse the so-called volunteer program.

An employee who answered the phone at the Hendersonville Chick-fil-A told CBS MoneyWatch that staff had been instructed "not to make any comment.". »

Russia's Only Aircraft Carrier Catches Fire

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The blaze started on the Admiral Kuznetsov, Russia's only aircraft carrier, while it was docked at the Zvyozdochka shipyard in the Barents Sea port city of Murmansk, located in the far north-west of Russia, news agency Tass said.

The Admiral Kuznetsov has been out of service and in dry dock for repairs since 2018.

In November 2022, officials said repairs were on schedule and the vessel would be ready by the first quarter of 2024. »

Ukrainian troops uncover ancient Roman settlement while digging trenches in Kherson Oblast

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Ukrainian troops uncover ancient Roman settlement while digging trenches in Kherson Oblast 20 December, 11:12 PM Servicemembers told local archeologists of their find (Photo:State Border Guard Service of Ukraine).

While conducting defensive earthworks on the banks of Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast, Ukrainian border guards have uncovered remnants of an ancient Roman settlement, Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service said in a message on its website on Dec. 20.

“In Kherson Oblast, while fortifying the bank of Dnipro (River), border guards came across the remains of an ancient Roman settlement,” the message says. »

Don't get 'so drunk' you need hospital during ambulance strike, UK health official says

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Speaking on BBC radio, Powis said, "Don't get so drunk that you end up with an unnecessary visit to A &E.".

“On health grounds alone, it is clear we have entered dangerous territory,” says Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the NHS Confederation.

"Critical incidents" have been declared by ambulance and hospital trusts across the country, allowing the services to prioritize those who are most in need. »