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Tuesday December 20th, 2022 evening edition

image for Canceled Duke Nukem Endangered Species Resurfaces On PC, Available To Download For Free

Duke Nukem Endangered Species is a canceled game that was supposed to launch in 2001.

The game might have been canceled for a while now but it has resurfaced again in 2022.

The file is available to download from Archives and it is roughly 260 MB.

According to the Duke Nukem wiki, this is a “first-person shooter and big-game hunting-style video game”.

The original developers for this game had given a prototype to the Duke Nukem Wiki founder in 2010.

It was supposed to be out by the second half of 2001 but the project was canceled in the middle of development.

Duke Nukem was once the hallmark of the FPS genre but its star has all but faded now. »

Edie Falco Shot ‘Avatar 2’ So Long Ago She Thought It Already Got Released and Flopped: ‘It Hasn’t Come Out Yet?’

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Falco was not prominently featured in any marketing materials, so you’d be forgiven for not knowing the four-time Emmy winner plays a crucial supporting role in the “Avatar” franchise.

During a recent interview on ABC’s “The View,” Falco revealed she shot her scenes in “Avatar: The Way of Water” over four years ago.

Her character is one of the few human characters in the sequel, to which Falco responded, “I wanted to be blue! »

China’s Dangerous Decline: Washington Must Adjust as Beijing’s Troubles Mount

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Dealing with a failing China could therefore prove harder for the United States than coping with the alternative has been.

If Washington hopes to do so successfully—or at least fend off the worst of the fallout—it needs to reorient its focus, and fast.

Unfortunately for China, the reforms Xi has targeted were the same ones that had made it so successful in the intervening period. »

Former Nazi worker, 97, escapes jail sentence after conviction for aiding 10,505 murders

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A 97-year-old former secretary to the SS commander of Nazi Germany's Stutthof concentration camp has been found guilty of being an accessory to 10,505 murders.

Image: The former Nazi German Stutthof concentration camp in Sztutowo, Poland.

He said the defendant was found guilty of aiding the murders of 10,505 people, along with five cases of attempted murder in the Stutthof concentration camp in today's Poland. »

Cannabis Reform Dead In Congress After Objections From Republicans

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As a result, most cannabis firms are forced to operate on a cash-only basis, making them easy targets for criminals.

The prospect of cannabis reform looked brighter at the start of this Democratic-controlled Congress.

The failure of Congress to pass cannabis reforms stands in stark contrast to overwhelming public support in favor of marijuana legalization. »