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Monday December 19th, 2022 night edition

image for Pelosi knew how to deal with Trump because she raised 5 kids and the ex-president 'was a child,' Schumer said

Pelosi's experience as a mom helped her deal with Trump, Schumer told CNN.

Pelosi said Trump and Schumer 'understood each other' because they're both New Yorkers.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's experience as a mother prepared her to "handle" former President Donald Trump, according to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

During the interview, Schumer sat down with Pelosi for a dinner of Chinese food with CNN's Jamie Gangel.

Trump, in turn, would also mock the Democratic leaders, calling them "Chuck and Nancy" or "Cryin' Chuck" and "Crazy Nancy.".

Schumer reflected on the dispute he and Pelosi had with Trump over the 2018 government shutdown, which was the longest shutdown in US history.

In the CNN interview, Schumer said he and Pelosi were able to get Trump to say that he would take ownership of the shutdown. »

Dog protects young girls for hours after getting lost in woods

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Police and neighbors searched for the girls for four hours, until someone heard Artemis barking.

Mary Bourg said that when the search team got close, Artemis, "wasn't letting them by the girls.".

It was only after the girls were reunited with their parents that they learned Artemis was actually the one that got them lost. »

Small town Iowa police chief charged with lying to ATF to get 90 machine guns for department with 3 officers

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Small town Iowa police chief charged with lying to ATF to get 90 machine guns for department with 3 officers.

A small Iowa town of 800 residents likely has no need for a police force armed with 90 machine guns to keep the peace.

Instead, according to prosecutors, weapons were resold for profit through Wendt's private gun store or another store owned by a friend who also is facing charges. »

Attacker yells ‘Kanye 2024’ during antisemitic assault, police say

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The attacker then uttered “numerous” antisemitic comments toward the man, according to police.

Before the attacker fled on a bicycle — with a trailer featuring a sign reading “Hungry Disabled” — police say he referenced the artist formerly known as Kanye West, who has issued several antisemitic tirades, saying “Kanye 2024.”.

An audit released in April by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) showed that 2,717 antisemitic incidents were reported to the organization in 2021. »