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Sunday December 18th, 2022 evening edition

image for Student tracking Elon Musk’s jet defends his program, considers legal threat a bluff

Jack Sweeney said he thinks Elon Musk's threat to sue him for sharing the status of his private jet is most likely a bluff.

The 20-year-old University of Central Florida student and self-proclaimed aviation fan developed a program to track the whereabouts of private planes, including Elon Musk's.

He ran tracking accounts for multiple planes associated with celebrities and government entities.

He added that "Legal action is being taken against Sweeney & organizations who supported harm to my family.".

For now, Sweeney says he still plans to continue tracking Musk's jet and those of others through his website and social media accounts.

If Musk pursues legal action, Sweeney indicated he would stand by his program.

"If Elon tries to come after me legally, you know, I'll be there," he said. »

Hadi Choopan Is The New 2022 Mr. Olympia Champion

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Hadi Choopan Dedicates His Gold Medal To Women In Iran.

After an emotional victory, Hadi Choopan was interviewed on stage by Bob Cicherillo, as is traditional for the Mr. Olympia champion.

Choopan took the moment to shed light on the ongoing protests in Iran – dedicating his trophy to the women of his country. »

A stranger on a plane gave two girls fleeing civil war $100. Decades later, they reunited.

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Civil war was raging in Yugoslavia and bombs were closing in on her family, who lived in Belgrade — then part of the former Balkan country, now Serbia.

So Zugay's parents put their 11-year-old daughter and her sister on a plane to the U.S. by themselves.

Zugay, who now lives in South Boston, vividly remembers the fear, but remembers just as well the comforting American stranger seated next to her. »

Small town Iowa police chief charged with lying to ATF to get 90 machine guns for department with 3 officers

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Small town Iowa police chief charged with lying to ATF to get 90 machine guns for department with 3 officers.

A small Iowa town of 800 residents likely has no need for a police force armed with 90 machine guns to keep the peace.

Instead, according to prosecutors, weapons were resold for profit through Wendt's private gun store or another store owned by a friend who also is facing charges. »