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Saturday December 10th, 2022 night edition

image for Kanye West's honorary doctorate rescinded by prestigious Chicago art college

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) has revoked an honorary doctorate awarded to Kanye West , as the fallout from the rapper's offensive remarks about Black and Jewish people continues.

The prestigious art college announced the decision on Thursday, saying in a statement that "the School of the Art Institute of Chicago condemns and repudiates Kanye West's (now know as Ye) anti-Black, antisemitic, racist, and dangerous statements, particularly those directed at Black and Jewish communities.

"Ye's actions do not align with SAIC's mission and values, and we've rescinded his honorary degree," it added.

The 45-year-old star was awarded the honorary doctorate in 2015, in recognition of his contributions to art and culture.

Following his controversial actions, a group called Against Hate at SAIC launched a petition calling for the award to be rescinded, saying it would be harmful to allow it to stand.

"This harm impacts the artists, designers and scholars affiliated to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and their values of justice, compassion, and free expression without hatred.".

The rescinding of the honorary degree comes weeks after a mural celebrating West was painted over in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood. »

Clarence Thomas Might Have Just Broken the Law in the Supreme Court

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U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas may have broken the law by refusing to recuse himself from a high-profile Supreme Court case, according to legal scholar Laurence Tribe.

"One of them says that a justice—and it specifically applies to Supreme Court justices—may not participate if somebody could reasonably question that justice's impartiality," Tribe said.

He said 28 U.S. Code § 455 "says it shall be unlawful for a justice to do what it seems that Clarence Thomas, as a Supreme Court justice, has done.". »

The Colosseum Is Reportedly The First Of A Series Of Planned DLC For Elden Ring

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Elden Ring recently received its Colosseum DLC update, but this is reportedly the first of a series of planned content for the From Soft game.

Well-known enthusiast of From Software titles Lance McDonald took to Twitter to share that the Colosseum DLC update that Elden Ring recently received is the first of a series of planned content for the title.

He added that the Colosseum DLC is called “DLC1” internally, and it was planned to be the first DLC since before the game’s release. »

How China lost its wolf pack: the fracturing of the emerging-power alliance at the WTO

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India then defected when its alliance with China, once an important source of strength in WTO negotiations, instead became a liability.

As a result, having lost its key allies at the WTO, China is increasingly isolated in multilateral trade negotiations.

The result is that China lost its key allies at the WTO, and now finds itself increasingly isolated within multilateral trade negotiations. »

Kyrsten Sinema leaving the Democratic Party and registering as an independent

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Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is leaving the Democratic Party and registering as a political independent, she told CNN’s Jake Tapper in an exclusive TV interview.

Sinema’s move away from the Democratic Party is unlikely to change the power balance in the next Senate.

Sources familiar with the matter tell CNN that Sinema gave the White House a heads up that she was leaving the Democratic Party. »