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Wednesday December 7th, 2022 morning edition

image for Biden administration says it is 'not encouraging Ukraine to strike beyond its borders' following deadly explosions at Russian bases

A series of deadly explosions rocked Russian bases, two of which are far from Ukraine's borders.

The US said Tuesday that it is "not encouraging Ukraine to strike beyond its borders.".

After Russian bases deep inside Russian territory were rocked by explosions, a top US official stressed that the US is not pushing Ukraine to strike targets beyond its borders.

"We are not enabling Ukraine to strike beyond its borders — we are not encouraging Ukraine to strike beyond its borders.".

"We are providing Ukraine with what it needs to use on its sovereign territory — on Ukrainian soil — to take on Russian aggressors," he continued.

Price's comments came after a series of unusual and fatal explosions occurred at Russian air bases inside the country.

Russia blamed Ukraine in June for an apparent drone attack on an oil refinery in western Russia. »

'Lost my temper': Elderly Florida man settles laundry room dispute by killing the HOA president and her husband

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Hootman's wife, Susan, was recorded in her 911 call, saying, "My husband just shot our neighbors and I think he killed them.".

"The neighbor downstairs just the other day shouted at me and swore at me regarding the washer and dryer," Hootman explained.

Mrs. Wallace was the HOA president of the condo building and had just decorated for Christmas, excited over spending time with her family. »

Trump Organization convicted in N.Y. criminal tax fraud trial

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The company was charged with scheme to defraud, conspiracy, criminal tax fraud and falsifying business records.

Alan Futerfas, a lawyer for the Trump Organization, said Dec. 6 that they would appeal the conviction of former president Donald Trump's real estate company.

Two Trump Organization entities — the Trump Corporation and the Trump Payroll Corp. — were on trial. »

Join the Path in The Witcher: Monster Slayer

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Sadly, we have to announce that our journey with The Witcher: Monster Slayer is coming to an end.

We will be shutting down the game on the 30th of June, 2023.

This is what made The Witcher: Monster Slayer such a unique experience in The Witcher franchise. »

'I was so excited': Dog reunited with family 7 days after falling from cliff on Vancouver Island

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A beloved pet that went missing in the Highlands area of Vancouver Island was found seven days later by an army of volunteers.

It's believed that Luna had chased an animal out of her yard and got lost, somehow falling off a cliff and landing on a two-foot wide ledge.

After she'd been missing for several days, there was a break in the case from the other side of Finlayson Arm. »