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Monday December 5th, 2022 evening edition

image for Paralympian claims Canada offered to euthanise her when she asked for a stairlift

Paraplegic army veteran Christine Gauthier appeared before a select committee in Canada this week (YouTube / CBC).

A Paralympic army veteran told stunned lawmakers in Canada when she claimed that a government official had offered to give her euthanisia equipment while fighting to have a wheelchair lift installed in her home.

Three other disabled veterans are believed to have been offered the same equipment, according to Global News.

Testifying in French, Ms Gauthier said she had written to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to express her concern.

Medical assistance in dying has been legal in Canada since 2016 for terminally ill residents.

The law was expanded in 2022 to people living with debilitating disabilities or pain, even if their lives aren’t at immediate risk.

She lost the use of her legs after suffering an injury during military training in 1989. »

Lost remains of last-known Tasmanian tiger found at museum, solving 'zoological mystery'

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The remains of the last-known thylacine — thought lost for more than 85 years — were kept in a cupboard in a Tasmanian museum for decades, with their significance only recently being realised.

The female thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, died at the Hobart Zoo on September 7, 1936, and was supposedly transferred to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG), but it has long been assumed its skin and skeleton went missing.

Tasmanian farmer Wilfred Batty poses with a thylacine shot at his property in 1930, now thought to be the last Tasmanian tiger in the wild. »

There’s Nothing Stranger Than the Right’s Fixation With Hunter Biden

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As Miller put it: “The offending material that Taibbi revealed was removed by Twitter at the Biden campaign’s request turns out to have been a bunch of links to Hunter Biden in the buff.”

And these photos revealed to the world that Hunter has … well, you know … let’s just say that he has been blessed by nature.

So here, clearly, is still one more thing for the right to hate about Hunter. »