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Saturday December 3rd, 2022 night edition

image for Hate speech dramatically surges on Twitter following Elon Musk takeover, new research shows

New Twitter owner Elon Musk declared last month that “hate speech impressions” had dramatically fallen on the platform since he took over.

On Friday, two watchdog groups published research that indicated Musk’s claim simply did not hold water, offering one of the clearest pictures to date of the surging tide of hate speech on the platform.

The Center for Countering Digital Hate and Anti-Defamation League both said in reports that the volume of hate speech on Twitter has grown dramatically under Musk’s stewardship.

Both groups expressed alarm with what they are seeing occur on Twitter, one of the most influential communications platforms in the world.

He then reiterated his claim that “hate speech impressions,” or the number of times a tweet containing hate speech has been viewed, “continue to decline” since his early days of owning the company when the platform saw a spike in hate speech designed to test Musk’s tolerance.

The research by CCDH and ADL purport to show a different phenomenon, however, highlighting the frequency and incidences of hate speech on the platform in general.

Musk said going forward, Twitter will share its data on hate speech impressions on a weekly basis. »

Outback golden bandicoots 'rapidly' reproducing in western NSW, after formerly being locally extinct

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The first golden bandicoots have been born in NSW's far north-west in 100 years, after formerly being extinct in the region.

Key points: Golden bandicoots have been breeding rapidly in Sturt National Park since being introduced to as part of the Wild Deserts project.

Wild Deserts project coordinator Reece Pedler said there had been "incredibly rapid reproduction" since the animals had been released. »

Joe Biden Says ‘Hitler Was a Demonic Figure’ After Kanye West’s Antisemitic Meltdown: ‘Silence Is Complicity’

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President Joe Biden took to Twitter to denounce Hitler and to encourage political leaders to “reject” antisemitism, noting, “Silence is complicity.”

West’s antisemitic hate speech has resulted in Adidas ending its business relationship with him and CAA dropping him as a client.

I think he might be referencing the old myth that Nazis invented the microwave oven…but that’s not a microphone.”. »

Alex Jones files for bankruptcy following $1.5 billion Sandy Hook verdicts

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Jones filed for Chapter 11 protection from creditors with the U.S. bankruptcy court in Houston, a court filing showed.

"Like every other cowardly move Alex Jones has made, this bankruptcy will not work," said Chris Mattei, an attorney representing Sandy Hook families.

"The American judicial system will hold Alex Jones accountable, and we will never stop working to enforce the jury’s verdict.". »