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Saturday December 3rd, 2022 morning edition

image for Russia says the West must recognize its control over land its forces are losing before any Ukraine peace talks

Russia does not fully control these regions and has been losing ground to Ukraine's forces.

Biden said he'd hold talks with Putin if the Russian leader expresses a desire to end the war.

Russian forces retreated from Kherson, the first major city Russia captured after launching the invasion in late February, last month.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been clear that he would not agree to any peace deal that saw Kyiv cede territory to Russia.

Zelenskyy has cited the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity as a condition for talks with Russia to begin.

The president also said the only way for the Ukraine war to end is for Putin to recall his forces.

Biden on Thursday said "it's sick" what Putin has unleashed on Ukraine as he railed against Russia for repeatedly striking civilian areas in Ukraine. »

Savannah teenager shot while volunteering for Warnock campaign

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A 15-year-old campaign volunteer was shot in Savannah, Georgia, on Thursday while knocking on doors for Sen. Raphael Warnock's re-election bid, local police said.

According to authorities, Savannah police detectives had arrested a 42-year-old local man who was suspected of shooting the teenager outside his home.

The initial probe into the shooting found that the teenager was volunteering for the Warnock campaign in the lead-up to the runoff election Tuesday between the Democratic senator and Herschel Walker, a former college football star running on the Republican ticket. »

Outback golden bandicoots 'rapidly' reproducing in western NSW, after formerly being locally extinct

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The first golden bandicoots have been born in NSW's far north-west in 100 years, after formerly being extinct in the region.

Key points: Golden bandicoots have been breeding rapidly in Sturt National Park since being introduced to as part of the Wild Deserts project.

Wild Deserts project coordinator Reece Pedler said there had been "incredibly rapid reproduction" since the animals had been released. »

The Tiny and Nightmarishly Efficient Future of Drone Warfare

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For years, military strategists have anticipated the arrival of the so-called drone swarm, a large cluster of small flying machines that will herald a new era of intelligent warfare.

Imagining a perfected drone swarm, the science-fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson writes in his novel The Ministry for the Future:.

He envisions drone swarms bringing us to an era of warfare between competing robot armies, though today Russia is using its drone groups to attack civilian targets. »