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Thursday December 1st, 2022 evening edition

image for Russia Bans Public Discussions of Army Strategy, Troop Morale, Mobilization

Russian authorities have banned public discussions of a wide range of non-classified military subjects that activists say will effectively prevent the public from learning crucial information about the Armed Forces.

The 60-point Federal Security Service (FSB) order, which enters into force Dec. 1, lists information that is not classified as a state secret, but which “can be used by foreign states, organizations and citizens against Russia’s security.”.

Among the subjects banned from discussion are the structure and size of the Russian Armed Forces.

Other off-limits areas include weapons, troop deployments and training, as well as troop morale and crimes committed by members of the Armed Forces.

Mobilization and civil defense topics are also barred from being openly discussed, as are assessments and forecasts of Russia’s military and strategic situation.

The FSB list mirrors last year’s ban on sharing non-classified information in Russia’s defense and space industries.

It was revised last month to include information about the transportation of military personnel and ongoing military construction. »

Amazon CEO says company won’t take down antisemitic film

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Amazon CEO Jassy said Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2022, that the company does not have plans to stop selling the antisemitic film that gained notoriety recently after Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving tweeted out an Amazon link to it.

NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said Wednesday the company does not have plans to stop selling the antisemitic film that gained notoriety recently after Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving tweeted out an Amazon link to it. »

Colorado elections officials formally order recount in race between Lauren Boebert and Adam Frisch

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State elections officials Wednesday formally ordered a mandatory recount — as expected — in the closely watched 3rd Congressional District race between Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert and her Democratic challenger, former Aspen City Councilman Adam Frisch.

“Colorado voters have made their voices heard, and I am ordering this recount in accordance with Colorado law to confirm the will of the voters.”.

Recounts rarely shift the margin in a race beyond a few votes, which is why Frisch conceded in the closer-than-expected contest. »

Elon Musk Sleeps Next To A Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gun For No Reason

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By his own admission, Elon Musk jumps into sleep’s deep, dark nothingness next to a pistol in a box with Washington Crossing the Delaware on it, four drained, gold, caffeine-free Diet Coke cans, and a replica of a Deus Ex: Human Revolution gun held together by screws.

Elon Musk is the guy with the pizza-stained mattress on the floor.

He’s the guy at the club who comes off like he’d turn your life into a House of Wax sequel. »

‘Jesus told her to open the plane door’: Woman flying from Houston bit someone on flight in effort to open plane door at 37,000 feet, doc says

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Court documents sketch this scene: A flight attendant then told the woman to either use the bathroom or sit down.

Documents said that’s when the woman began hitting her head on the plane floor and then later said, “Jesus told her to fly to Ohio and Jesus told her to open the plane door.”.

The criminal complaint indicates the woman is facing charges of assault within maritime and territorial jurisdiction and interference with flight crew members and attendants. »