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Wednesday November 30th, 2022 morning edition

image for Oath Keepers founder guilty of sedition in U.S. Capitol attack plot

Two more high-profile trials related to the attack are due to begin next month.

Four other Oath Keepers members face seditious conspiracy charges, as do members of the right-wing Proud Boys group, including its former chairman Enrique Tarrio.

Meggs, who heads the Oath Keepers' Florida chapter, was the only defendant besides Rhodes in this trial who played a leadership role in the organization.

Rhodes in 2009 founded the Oath Keepers, a militia group whose members include current and retired U.S. military personnel, law enforcement officers and first responders.

[1/4] Oath Keepers founder, Stewart Rhodes, speaks during the Patriots Day Free Speech Rally in Berkeley, California, U.S. April 15, 2017.

They denied plotting any attack or seeking to block Congress from certifying the election results, though Watkins admitted to impeding police officers protecting the Capitol.

Caldwell, who like Rhodes did not enter the Capitol building and never formally joined the Oath Keepers, tried to downplay some of the inflammatory texts he sent around the attack. »

12 Republican senators broke with their party and voted for a bill to protect same-sex marriage

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Senators tweaked the bill, which passed the Democratic-controlled House in July, to get GOP support.

A bill designed to protect same-sex and interracial marriage passed the Senate by a 61-36 margin Tuesday night, with 12 Republican senators joining Democrats in voting for the bill.

A Gallup poll from June 2021 found that 70% of Americans — including 55% of Republicans — support same-sex marriage. »

Finland Offers to Train Ukraine Soldiers in Winter Warfare Against Russia

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His comments come as the war heads into winter amid uncertainty over what the colder climate will mean for hostilities.

Moscow's invasion of Ukraine has had a particular impact on Finland, which shares an 830-mile long border with Russia and was once part of the Russian empire.

Concerned about the threat posed by Russia, Finland announced in May it would seek to join NATO, ending decades of neutrality. »

Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel Pre-Production Won’t Begin Until 2023

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Pre-production work on the sequel to CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 will not begin until sometime in the year 2023.

Kiciński responded by stating that the studio expects to enter the pre-production phase of development for the sequel by 2023.

According to Kiciński, following the release of the expansion “Phantom Liberty,” the studio would begin work on the follow-up to Cyberpunk 2077. »