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Monday November 28th, 2022 evening edition

image for FBI and DHS failing to address threat of domestic terrorism, according to new Senate report

"DHS and FBI's inability to provide comprehensive data on the domestic terrorist threat creates serious concerns that they are not effectively prioritizing our counterterrorism resources to address the rising domestic terrorist threat," said Sen. Gary Peters, D-Mich, the committee's chairman, in a statement.

Social media has also contributed to the growing threat of far-right extremism, since it allows people to access "white supremacist materials within seconds and become indoctrinated," Beirich added.

Even more concerning, she says, are people in positions of power who are adapting or mainstreaming the same messaging as domestic terrorists.

The Senate report found that social media platforms have allowed for "increased recruitment, dissemination, and coordination of domestic terrorist and extremist related activities.".

On top of this, the FBI and DHS both have different definitions for "domestic terrorism," which can lead to the agencies categorizing the same event in different categories, the report highlights.

Under Donald Trump, DHS focused on international terrorism despite the clear and rising threat of domestic extremism, the report points out.

Furthermore, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has established a dedicated domestic terrorism branch within the DHS Office of Intelligence & Analysis (I&A). »

Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano erupts for first time in nearly 40 years

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The lava is contained within the summit and does not threaten Hawaiians living downslope for now, the U.S. Geological Service (USGS) said.

Mauna Loa rises 13,679 feet (4,169 meters) above the Pacific Ocean, part of the chain of volcanoes that formed the islands of Hawaii.

About half of all recorded eruptions of Mauna Loa had been confined to the summit, the agency said. »

Abu Dhabi reduces number of single-use plastic bags by half a million per day

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Abu Dhabi has reduced the use of single-use plastic bags in retail stores by 87 million since the emirate introduced a ban on June 1.

The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi said the reduction is equivalent to half a million bags a day, with the overall use of single-use plastic bags down by more than 90 per cent.

Abu Dhabi banned single-use plastic bags to protect the environment and address the high rate of plastic bag use across the UAE, which is almost four times the global average. »

Adidas to investigate claims Kanye West showed pornography to staff

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The sportswear giant Adidas is to launch an independent investigation into allegations of misconduct made this week against the US rapper and fashion designer Kanye West, including that he showed pornography to staff at company meetings.

Staff allegations included in a letter to Adidas obtained by the outlet included claims that Adidas “turned their moral compass off” and failed to protect employees from “years of verbal abuse, vulgar tirades and bullying attacks”.

The decision to launch an inquiry comes after one of Adidas’ largest shareholders, Union Investment, demanded clarity about the alleged incidents. »