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Sunday November 27th, 2022 day edition

image for French man wins right to not be ‘fun’ at work

France’s highest court has ruled that a man fired by a Paris-based consulting firm for allegedly failing to be “fun” enough at work was wrongfully dismissed.

Mr. T had argued that the “fun” culture in the company involved “humiliating and intrusive practices” including mock sexual acts, crude nicknames and obliging him to share his bed with another employee during work functions.

According to the court documents, the man was hired by Cubik Partners as a senior consultant in February 2011 and promoted to director in February 2014.

He was fired for “professional incompetence” in March 2015 for allegedly failing to adhere to the firm’s convivial values.

The company also criticized his sometimes “brittle and demotivating tone” toward subordinates, and alleged inability to accept feedback and differing points of view.

It is not the first time a company’s drinking culture has come under the microscope in court proceedings.

The legal minimum age for consuming alcohol in public is 18, but there is no regulation of alcohol consumption in private. »

Sperm Counts Drop by 62% Worldwide

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Sperm counts worldwide plunged by sixty-two percent in under fifty years between 1973 and 2018, and this could lead to a reproductive crisis.

Associated with low sperm count, the sixty-two percent drop refers to the number of sperm present in an average ejaculation, as published in the journal Human Reproduction Update on Tuesday.

The analysis doesn’t mention possible reasons for sperm declines, but other studies have tied falling sperm counts to obesity, sedentary lifestyles, smoking, and exposure to certain chemicals and pesticides among other factors. »

Outgoing Democratic House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer says the 'biggest change' he's seen in his congressional career is 'how confrontational Republicans have become'

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Rep. Steny Hoyer recently spoke of the changes he's seen in his nearly 42-year House career.

Hoyer is stepping down from leadership to make way for a new generation, but he'll remain in office.

Outgoing Democratic House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, who has long enjoyed strong relationships across the political aisle, said in a recent interview that the "biggest change" he's noticed in the lower chamber throughout his tenure is the more "confrontational" nature of Republicans. »

Man Discovers $40K Ring While Combing Florida Beach and Happily Returns It: 'Karma's Always Good'

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Joseph Cook, 37, was combing Hammock Beach in St. Augustine, Florida, when he made the exciting discovery last month, according to SWNS.

In fact, in a video documenting the find, he called it "the biggest diamond I ever found on the beach.".

Video grab of metal detector Joseph Cook finding a $40,000 diamond ring on Hammock Beach in St Augustine, St Johns County, Florida, USA. »

Rats blamed for eating 500 kilograms of cannabis stored by Indian police

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Rats in northern India have been accused of eating hundreds of kilograms of cannabis seized from drug dealers and stored in police warehouses.

Speaking after the court case, Mathura City Police Superintendent Martand Prakash Singh told CNN that the cannabis had been “destroyed by rains and flooding” and not by rats.

The rats typically chose the harder – and more rewarding – task, but after being given marijuana, the same rats picked the easier task. »