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Wednesday November 23rd, 2022 day edition

image for Bolsonaro contests Brazil election loss, wants votes voided

Protesters in cities across the country have steadfastly refused to do the same, particularly with Bolsonaro declining to concede.

Neither explained how that might have affected election results, but said they were asking the electoral authority to invalidate all votes cast on those machines.

The complaint characterized the bug as “irreparable non-compliance due to malfunction” that called into question the authenticity of the results.

Immediately afterward, the head of the electoral authority issued a ruling that implicitly raised the possibility that Bolsonaro's own party could suffer from such a challenge.

The bug hadn't been known previously, yet experts said it also doesn't affect results.

Bolsonaro spent more than a year claiming Brazil’s electronic voting system is prone to fraud, without ever presenting evidence.

The Senate's president, Rodrigo Pacheco, said Tuesday afternoon that the election results are “unquestionable.”. »

Chesapeake Walmart shooting: At least 6 people were killed, officials say. The shooter is also dead

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Officers responded to the Walmart around 10:12 p.m. – less than an hour before it was set to close – and found victims and evidence of a shooting, Kosinski said.

Five patients were being treated at Sentara General Hospital in nearby Norfolk, Virginia, a spokesperson for Sentara Healthcare told CNN affiliate WTKR.

Police tape cordons off the scene of a fatal shooting at a Chesapeake, Virginia, Walmart on Tuesday. »

Fauci gives final briefing after 50 years in government

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After years of drama at White House COVID updates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, gave a final briefing to reporters Tuesday before leaving government at the end of the year.

He stayed on after the election of President Joe Biden, who elevated Fauci into a top personal adviser on the pandemic.

Fauci is scheduled to retire from the government next month after more than five decades of service. »

Parents welcome twins from embryos frozen 30 years ago

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aired its final episode, and the babies born to Rachel and Philip Ridgeway a couple of weeks ago were frozen as embryos.

Philip and Rachel Ridgeway had twins born from embryos that were frozen for about 30 years.

The remaining three embryos were transferred into Rachel on March 2, 29 years and 10 months after they were frozen. »

Nintendo doesn't even want you to have pictures of emulated Switch games

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Nintendo has gone on another emulation-related DMCA spree, but this time the company's target is, uh, let me check my notes here… ah, pictures of Switch games.

The selection of games affected by the DMCA notice is pretty strange, too - there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of other Nintendo games represented on the site, many of them on Switch.

These are the best Switch games you should definitely never-ever attempt to run on anything but a Switch. »