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Friday November 18th, 2022 morning edition

image for GOP operative found guilty of funneling Russian money to Donald Trump

A Republican political strategist was convicted of illegally helping a Russian businessman contribute to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

The donation got Vasilenko a picture with Trump and entrance to a “business roundtable” with the future president.

Vasilenko connected with Benton through Doug Wead, an evangelical ally of the Bush family who was also involved in multilevel marketing.

Vasilenko sent $100,000 to Benton, who was working for a pro-Trump super PAC at the time, supposedly for consulting services.

Witnesses from the RNC and the firm hired to organize the event said they weren’t told Vasilenko was a Russian citizen.

Benton argued that he followed the advice of his previous counsel, David A. Warrington, who has also represented Trump.

Prosecutors said Benton failed to tell Warrington that he was getting reimbursed by the Russian citizen for the donation. »

Lab-grown meat cleared for human consumption by U.S. regulator

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WASHINGTON, Nov 16 (Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the first time cleared a meat product grown from animal cells for human consumption, the agency announced on Wednesday.

USDA and FDA together regulate cell-cultured meat under a 2019 agreement between the two agencies.

Demand for alternatives to farmed meat has grown alongside awareness of the high greenhouse gas emissions of raising livestock. »

Legacy of Kain: Crystal Dynamics says it ‘hears fans loud and clear’ after ‘100k+’ survey responses

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Crystal Dynamics has said it received an overwhelming response to a recent survey designed to gauge interest in a potential Legacy of Kain revival.

“In the past, we’ve found that surveys typically get between 1,000 and 3,000 responses, but when we asked folk about Legacy of Kain, we received over 100,000 responses.

The original entry, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, was developed by Silicon Knights under the direction of Denis Dyack and published by Crystal Dynamics in 1996. »

The NBA Just Banned Off-White Uniforms for the Most Annoying Reason

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And during the pandemic, digital ads began making their way onto the basketball court in NBA broadcasts.

In a green screen-style snafu, certain jerseys were too close in color to the polished wooden floors of NBA arenas.

As a result, the Milwaukee uniforms (and all cream uniforms) were banned NBA-wide. »

John Mearsheimer on Putin’s Ambitions After Nine Months of War

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Back in February, a few days after Russia launched its war in Ukraine, I spoke with the political scientist John Mearsheimer.

And what invariably happens when a war starts is that not only do goals escalate but the means of waging the war escalate.

And then the war starts, and, at least in the areas that he’s conquered, he seems to be pursuing the former goal. »