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Thursday November 17th, 2022 day edition

image for Herschel Walker Veers Off Speech to Rant About Werewolves, Vampires

Herschel Walker delved into an ancient, mythic debate during a Wednesday stump speech in Georgia.

US Senate candidate Herschel Walker of Georgia delivered a bizarre diatribe about vampires and werewolves during a stump speech in McDonough, Georgia, on Wednesday in a verbose example of the former athlete's ongoing, unorthodox candidacy.

Perhaps it was the "Underworld" film series that Walker was referencing, which detail a mythical war between vampires and werewolves.

Or maybe Walker caught a late-night "Twilight" marathon and decided to engage in the age-old Edward vs. Jacob debate.

It don't even work unless you've got faith," Walker said, after describing a movie scene that involved holy water and a cross.

But neither Walker nor Warnock won 50% of the required vote outright in the election last week, meaning Walker supporters and Georgia voters alike could be in for three more weeks of vampires vs. werewolves. »

Republicans win U.S. House majority, setting stage for divided government

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WASHINGTON, Nov 16 (Reuters) - Republicans were projected to win a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday, setting the stage for two years of divided government as President Joe Biden's Democratic Party held control of the Senate.

"Americans are ready for a new direction, and House Republicans are ready to deliver," McCarthy said on Twitter.

Even though the expected "red wave" of House Republicans never reached shore, conservatives are sticking to their agenda. »

India can buy as much Russian oil as it wants, Yellen says. The caveat: it can't use Western insurance, finance and maritime services.

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India can buy as much Russian oil as it likes, US Treasury Secretary Yellen told Reuters.

It would be tough for heavily sanctioned Russia to find substitutes for such Western services, she said.

Despite India's proclivities towards Russian oil, Yellen appeared to be confident that Indian wouldn't find many substitutes for Western insurance, finance and maritime services. »

U.S. Senate Passes Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act, Sends it to President Biden

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Passage of the bill in the House and Senate marks the first time a standalone piece of marijuana reform legislation has ever been sent to a president.

The measure is designed to facilitate research on marijuana and its potential health benefits.

The bill will accomplish this by streamlining the application process for scientific marijuana studies and removing existing barriers for researchers that frequently slow the research process. »

Sony’s Santa Monica Studio continues to lead with ‘God of War Ragnarök’

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“God of War” became a hit, winning top honors at the yearly Game Awards and selling 23 million copies worldwide.

“God of War Ragnarök” is shaping up to be the biggest video game release of the holiday season.

Yet “God of War Ragnarök” director Eric Williams has been subtly trying to flesh out Kratos beyond those toxic-masculinity impulses since the first game in the series, 2005’s “God of War.” »