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Monday November 14th, 2022 day edition

image for Ukraine rules out ceasefire talks with Russia to end war

Ukraine will not consider entering ceasefire negotiations with Russia, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin declared in an interview to the BBC over the weekend.

There have been no public attempts to reconvene peace talks between the two sides since initiatives to bring about a ceasefire in Istanbul during the first weeks of the conflict broke down without progress.

Kostin also rejected the recently reported pressure by the United States and the West to show more leniency toward ceasefire talks.

They don't know what is killing, rape, looting," he told the British state broadcaster when asked about the impact of the war on European citizens outside of war-torn Ukraine.

Is Ukraine being forced into a ceasefire with Russia?.

The Washington Post reported earlier in November that the US had encouraged Ukraine to signal willingness for talks.

Since Russia announced the annexation of Ukrainian territory at the end of September, Zelensky has said that Kyiv would never negotiate as long as Vladimir Putin was leading Russia. »

I Took Cold Showers for a Full Year. It Was a Complete Waste of Time

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Please allow me to tell you why I've been taking nothing but cold showers for the entirety of 2022.

I stood in cold showers for five minutes at a time and emerged shivering and proud.

One study reports that by increasing the availability of endorphins and another hormone, norepinephrine, cold showers can ease symptoms of depression. »

Trump-backed Mastriano concedes in Pennsylvania governor race

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"Josh Shapiro will be our next Governor, and I ask everyone to give him the opportunity to lead and pray that he leads well," Mastriano said in a statement posted on his Twitter feed.

In his page-long message, Mastriano also thanked his wife and followers and pledged to work on election reform for Pennsylvania from his seat in the state Senate.

The governor race was called for Shapiro on November 8. »