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Friday November 11st, 2022 evening edition

image for More confusion at Twitter as Blue subscription vanishes one day after launch

Confusion over the direction of Twitter as a platform has continued after the sign-up option for its Twitter Blue subscription disappeared barely a day after going live and grey “Official” badges returned less than two days after Elon Musk ordered their removal.

On Friday morning, the option to sign up for Twitter Blue, which gives users a blue verification badge if they pay €8 a month had vanished from Twitter’s iOS app despite only being introduced on Thursday.

The blue badges had been created as a way of differentiating between verified accounts which had been awarded them previously by Twitter after being confirmed as authentic and those which had been bought under the new Twitter Blue scheme.

“Without significant subscription revenue, there is a good chance Twitter will not survive the upcoming economic downturn,” he said.

Meanwhile, a number of fake accounts posing as authentic, high-profile figures by using blue checkmarks gained through Twitter Blue have already been reported on the platform.

“It will only take one major incident for every airline to bail on Twitter as a source of customer engagement.”.

Meanwhile, Mr Musk’s only comments have been to say Thursday was “quite the day”, before adding: “Usage of Twitter continues to rise. »

All-terrain wheelchairs arrive at U.S. parks: ‘This is life-changing’

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Georgia is one of the latest states to provide the Land Rover of wheelchairs to outdoor enthusiasts with mobility issues.

Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources has placed off-road track chairs in nearly a dozen parks, including Muskegon State Park.

In 2018, Lee reserved a chair at the park that boasts three miles of shoreline on Lake Michigan and Muskegon Lake. »

Iran Protesters Refuse to Back Down as 15,000 Face Execution

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The decision came after recent calls from within the Iranian government to punish protesters in a way that would quell the demonstrations.

Mass protests began in Iran after news of the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amin on September 16 became public.

There have been previous mass protests in Iran, but none of the size—and the length—of the current one. »

Man arrested for allegedly throwing eggs at King is banned from having eggs

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A man arrested after allegedly throwing eggs at King Charles and the Queen Consort during a public visit says he has been charged with an offence and banned from carrying eggs in public.

Patrick Thelwell, 23, says he is the man who was arrested after eggs were thrown at the King and Queen Consort in York on Wednesday.

Asked why he tried to pelt the King with eggs, he said: "I did what I did because I don't believe in kings. »