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Thursday November 10th, 2022 day edition

image for My full statement regarding DOOM Eternal

My full statement regarding DOOM Eternal This statement is issued in response to id Software Studio Director Marty Stratton’s “DOOM Eternal OST Open Letter”, published on Reddit on May 5, 2020.

I tried, but DOOM Eternal was already heading in a new direction, and my experience on DOOM (2016) wasn’t much help.

Finishing the game In the following months, I continued to stress severe concerns regarding the apparent lack of any OST strategy.

DOOM Eternal OST contract negotiations with Bethesda Deciding on the content of DOOM Eternal’s OST was a crucial detail that needed to be written into the contract.

The OST was delayed before I had a contract On March 11, Betheda announced a delay to the DOOM Eternal OST.

I was dismayed Instead of a worthy follow-up to the DOOM 2016 OST, the DOOM Eternal OST had been reduced to a cheaply thrown-together cash grab.

And so, for the second time, I proposed: I would produce a better version of the DOOM Eternal OST. »

Experts Say GOP House Takeover Would’ve Been Impossible Without Gerrymandering

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Gerrymandering played a major role in helping Republicans win the House in the midterm elections this year, according to political experts and analysts.

Gerrymandering is also used to strengthen one political party’s power over another through the drawing of legislative districts.

“GOP gerrymandering has made it nearly impossible for Dems to win the majority in the Wisconsin legislature,” noted Jessica Post, president of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. »

Brazil military finds no evidence of election fraud, dashing hopes of Bolsonaro supporters

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The military sent the 63-page report to Brazil’s electoral authorities late on Wednesday after days of speculation that it would back claims by extremist president Jair Bolsonaro that the election was tainted.

03:43 'Brazil was stolen': the Bolsonaro supporters who refuse to accept election result – video.

Voting is compulsory in Brazil and the almost 120m votes cast are usually counted within three or four hours of the polls closing. »

Attractive female students no longer earned higher grades when classes moved online during COVID-19

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New psychology findings suggest that attractive students earn higher grades in school, but for female students, this beauty premium disappears when classes are taught remotely.

For non-quantitative courses, attractive female students saw a decline in their grades with remote instruction, while attractive male students continued to enjoy a beauty advantage.

According to the study author, these findings suggest that discrimination most likely explains the beauty premium for female students, who no longer had higher grades when classes turned remote. »