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Saturday November 5th, 2022 morning edition

image for Early Gameplay Footage Of Hideo Kojima’s Overdose Leaks Online

Kojima was supposed to end his long stint with MGS, his well-beyond-the-years baby, through the next Silent Hill game, Silent Hill.

Many were shocked but intrigued as he was finally free to make any game he wanted, and impatiently awaited his next project.

However, later it was revealed that Hideo Kojima was working on a horror game dubbed Project Overdose, with Margaret Qualley having a starring role in it.

Now, eXputer has come across a recording of Overdose’s gameplay that has somehow leaked online on Streamable.

It’s pretty much clear that we’re looking at Overdose here just by the character design of the woman in the gameplay sequence, which happens to be Margaret Qualley.

In the end, the camera closes up on the character’s face and a game over the screen is shown, with the heading “Overdose” and “A Hideo Kojima” game.

This lends further credence to the speculation to the speculation that Overdose may be a mobile game. »

Teens with obesity lose 15% of body weight in trial of repurposed diabetes drug

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A repurposed Type 2 diabetes drug helped teens with obesity lose a significant amount of body weight, lowered their risk factors for cardiovascular disease, and improved their weight-related quality of life over a 68-week clinical trial, researchers reported this week in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The new data suggests that it may also substantially help teens struggling with obesity and overweight issues improve their health and outlook as they head into adulthood.

Of the 201 teens enrolled in the trial, 133 teens with obesity and one who was overweight were treated with semaglutide, while 67 were given a placebo. »

Ukraine suffered a comms outage when 1,300 SpaceX satellite units went offline over funding issues

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Negotiations between SpaceX and the Defense Department continue despite Musk’s claim that SpaceX withdrepw its request, according to a senior defense official.

“We continue to discuss Ukraine’s satellite communication needs with Ukraine and companies like SpaceX and others,” Brigadier General Patrick Ryder told reporters.

Whether greater cooperation with SpaceX would give the US government stronger control over the Starlink signal in Ukraine has not been answered. »

A US Air Force flight spent 2 hours drawing a phallic pattern in the air near Russian military facilities

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The flight was near several Russian military facilities, including an air base and a naval outpost.

A US Air Force refueler drew a phallic pattern in the sky near several Russian military facilities in Syria on Tuesday, according to data from air-traffic tracking site FlightRadar24.

The US Air Force and a representative for US Air Force Central did not immediately respond to Insider's requests for comment. »

Ukraine's sovereignty depends on NATO | Étiene Balibar

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Even if this will mean a new form of dependence for Ukraine, and even though these institutions come with their own imperial past, only the EU and NATO can guarantee its sovereignty against Russia's imperialistic advances, argues Étienne Balibar.

"[4] That is why it can be rightly said that the Ukrainians are engaged in a war of independence that had been postponed.

If they win, the sovereignty and very existence of their nation will become a fait accompli and will no longer be contestable. »