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Tuesday November 1st, 2022 evening edition

image for Ye suspended from Instagram again after targeting Jewish people in post

Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, said late Sunday that he was suspended from Instagram for 30 days.

Ye posted a screenshot of an Instagram notification about the suspension on Parler, the conservative “free speech” social media platform, which recently announced Ye would acquire it.

According to Ye’s posts on Parler, he attempted to post a screenshot of a text message exchange on Instagram.

In his Parler post, Ye said he was “kicked off Instagram for 30 days” after posting the image.

The latest temporary suspension from posting on Instagram follows a series of disciplinary actions taken against Ye’s accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

Anti-hate groups like the American Jewish Committee have referred to Ye’s posts about Jewish people as “dangerous” and relying on antisemitic stereotypes about Jewish people.

He has since referred to himself as a “digital prisoner” due to the disciplinary actions taken against his accounts. »

God of War Ragnarok to Feature a Transmog Armour System Due to Popular Demand

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It improves on many aspects of its predecessor, 2018's God of War, and in some ways, exceeds them.

Case in point, the inclusion of a transmog armour system, a feature fans were clamouring for but never came to the original, has now been confirmed to be a thing in Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok will launch on 9th November, and as the appointed day draws ever closer, the wait gets a little harder. »

Mehmet Oz’s medical research was rejected in 2003, resulting in 2-year ban

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Three others spoke on the condition of anonymity to more openly discuss a sensitive subject that reflects on Oz’s reputation.

Eric Rose, chief of cardiac surgery at Columbia University’s medical program and Oz’s superior in 2003, also confirmed the incident.

Research “abstracts,” which are summaries of findings, are submitted to medical conferences months before the studies are discussed at them. »

Scientists Find Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Hiding in the Sun’s Glare

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The asteroids remained undetected until now because they occupy a region of the sky hidden by the Sun’s glare.

Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs) and Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs) are two types of near-Earth objects that space agencies like to keep track of.

The camera took deep-field images close to Earth’s horizon during twilight, to combat the Sun’s glare and atmospheric distortions. »