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Monday October 24th, 2022 day edition

image for Australian Women Sue Qatar Over Forced Airport Vaginal Exams

Five Australian women are suing the government of Qatar over forced vaginal exams and other invasive medical procedures at gunpoint at the Doha airport two years ago.

The women are seeking damages from both Qatar Airways and the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority — owned by the Qatari government — over the “unlawful physical contact” and damage to their mental health, including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The plaintiffs and several women on a Qatar Airways flight headed to Sydney — including citizens from Australia, New Zealand and Britain — were pulled off the aircraft and subjected to invasive gynecological exams in October 2020 after an abandoned newborn was discovered in an airport bathroom.

Abandoned newborns are a problem in the country, which imprisons women who become pregnant out of wedlock.

One of the women, a 33-year-old nurse, told The New York Times that she has not traveled since.

In Qatar, that typically means nations in South Asia, a source of a large number of migrant workers in the country.

Human rights activists have sharply criticized Qatar not only for its treatment of women, but of migrants as well. »

Virginia Mother Charged With Murder After 4-Year-Old Son Dies From Eating THC Gummies

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A mother in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, faces felony murder and child neglect charges after her 4-year-old son died from eating marijuana-infused gummies earlier this year.

But the detective said she found an empty THC gummy jar in the house and toxicology results showed Tanner Clements had extremely high levels of THC in his system, documents say.

"THC gummies definitely in any quantity pose a risk to children. »

Former Maine police officer to be sentenced on 14 felony charges

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Jeffrey Bishop, 55, pleaded guilty last month to drug trafficking and furnishing, stealing drugs, and multiple counts of receiving stolen property.

He is scheduled to be sentenced on 14 felony charges in Machias at 8:30 a.m. Oct. 17.

Among the charges Bishop pleaded guilty to is a charge of stealing oxycodone that was in possession of the Calais Police Department. »

Gold's Gym owner and 5 others feared dead after plane crash off the coast of Costa Rica

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(CNN) — Gold's Gym owner Rainer Schaller, his family and two others are feared dead after a plane they were on apparently crashed off Costa Rica's Caribbean coast on Friday, officials said.

ET) while flying over the northeastern Parismina area off the country's Caribbean coast.

Schaller is the founder and CEO of the RSG Group, which includes McFit, John Reed and Gold's Gym fitness studios. »