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Sunday October 23rd, 2022 day edition

image for Ukrainian children say they were taken against their will by Russian forces and placed up for adoption in Russia, where the process has been expedited

A 14-year-old told the Times said she was taken against her will and wanted to return to Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials said thousands of children were taken by Russian forces from occupied areas of Ukraine and forcibly deported to Russian-occupied territories or Russia itself, where adoption of the children has been fast-tracked.

Anya is just one example among recent reports on Russia's efforts to adopt Ukrainian children and raise them as Russian.

Ukrainian officials as early as April said Russian forces were "forcibly deporting" kids and fast-tracking adoptions.

US officials in September said Russian authorities had overseen the deportation of thousands of Ukrainian children to Russia, adding the "efforts specifically include the forced adoption of Ukrainian children into Russian families" and "the so-called 'patriotic education' of Ukrainian children.".

US officials also said the efforts involved legislation aimed at expediting the process of granting Russian citizenship to Ukrainian kids and the "deliberate removal of Ukrainian children by Russia's forces.".

Russian forces have also been accused of committing war crimes nearly since the conflict began. »

Clark County moves to ban sales of dogs, cats at pet stores

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Clark County wants to ban the sale of dogs, cats, rabbits and potbellied pigs at pet stores.

A business impact statement is designed to “minimize the impact this ordinance will have on businesses,” the county said.

The Puppy Corner made similar arguments, adding that an overwhelming number of dog sales are already conducted outside pet stores. »

The Beginning of the End of the Islamic Republic

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They embody the anger that Iranian women and young Iranians feel toward a regime that seeks to stifle their dearest desires.

But in their bravery, the Iranian people have voiced one central request to Western governments: Don’t save the Islamic Republic.

Now, more than ever, it is time for advocates of freedom to think seriously about a world after the Islamic Republic. »