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Sunday October 16th, 2022 morning edition

image for New video shows Roger Stone threatening Trump he’ll get his ‘f***ing brains beat in’ if he runs again

Roger Stone threatened Donald Trump that he would get his “f***ing brains beat in” if he runs for president again, a clip from a documentary has revealed.

In the footage, Stone is on the phone in a moving car.

“I’m done with this president,” Stone says, referring to Trump.

“He has to go, he has to go – run again, you’ll get your f***ing brains beat in,” he adds.

The footage, which was first published by The Daily Beast, shows Stone initially blaming Mr Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner for the decision.

✕ Roger Stone calls Ivanka Trump an ‘abortionist b****’ after not getting Jan 6 pardon.

“Aside from Donald Trump, he also held Jared Kusher responsible as being the guy who was the point man on the pardon,” he said. »

Musk: will keep funding Starlink for Ukraine, cites need for 'good deeds'

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Musk tweeted: "the hell with it … even though starlink is still losing money & other companies are getting billions of taxpayer $, we'll just keep funding ukraine govt for free".

Musk said on Friday that SpaceX could not indefinitely fund Starlink in Ukraine.

He had made his Friday remarks about funding after a media report that SpaceX had asked the Pentagon to pay for the donations of Starlink. »

A 140-Year-Old Pair of Levi’s Was Found in a Mine Shaft. They Just Sold for Over $87,000.

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A pair of vintage Levi’s discovered in an abandoned mine shaft in the American West recently sold for $87,400 at an auction in New Mexico.

This particular pair, which are apparently still in a wearable condition, features splatters of wax from the candles miners used to light the narrow tunnels.

In 2018, a pair from 1893 sold for nearly $100,000 through a private sale to a buyer in Asia. »

California baker creates life-sized Han Solo out of bread

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Catherine Pervan, with Our House Bakery in Benicia, Calif., talks about creating the life-sized Han Solo on Oct. 13, 2022 The piece is the bakery's entry in the downtown Benicia scarecrow contest.

BENICIA, Calif. (AP) — Han Solo may be a hunk.

But “Pan Solo” is a hunk of bread. »