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Thursday October 13rd, 2022 night edition

image for Biden's student-debt cancellation goes to court today. Republicans are likely to argue the relief will cause 'enormous' financial harm to loan companies and states.

They say the relief will cause harm to state and company revenues.

It's one of at least five major GOP lawsuits that have been filed in an effort to block the policy.

Should a judge rule in the group's favor, the long-awaited loan forgiveness would not move forward.

Here are the main points the Republican group will likely address in court, according to the filing:.

The filing also said broad debt cancellation was "inconsistent with the limited reason that the HEROES Act grants authority in the first place."

It added that Biden had not shown how up to $20,000 in relief was the necessary amount to avoid financial harm to borrowers.

The public can tune in to the Wednesday hearing here, and a summary of Biden's defense can be read here. »

Antibiotic found in potato disease thwarts fungal infections

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The more we use existing antibiotics in clinical settings and in agriculture, the more antibiotic resistance develops.

Without new antibiotic compounds, we will struggle to treat once-controlled diseases in both humans and plants.

Exciting new research from Europe details the discovery of a new antifungal antibiotic called solanimycin hiding within a bacteria which causes disease in potatoes. »

Passenger banned from BC Ferries tried to sneak on with wig and high-pitched accent

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According to RCMP, the individual was wearing what was obviously a wig, scarf, sunglasses, and spoke in an odd high-pitched accent that was either Australian or British.

The unwanted passenger, who was well known to police, refused to cooperate with police and fled on foot leaving only his wig and mask on a trail.

Victoria Buzz reached out to BC Ferries to find out why the passenger was banned. »

Ukraine’s Path to Victory

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As Ukraine’s counteroffensive advances against an increasingly cornered Putin, it should mainly focus on liberating territory that Russia has seized since February 24.

But a full Ukrainian victory also entails freeing the parts of the country that Russia has occupied since 2014, which includes Crimea.

In the opening weeks of the war, the country stopped Russia’s blitzkrieg against the capital and then forced Moscow to retreat. »