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Thursday October 13rd, 2022 morning edition

image for Texas family of 5 sentenced in Jan. 6 case

Five members of a Texas family were sentenced Wednesday for their roles in the U.S. Capitol breach on Jan. 6, 2021.

Three of their adult children were sentenced to probation, with the oldest child, Kristi, also receiving a brief period of home confinement.

Members of the family were accused of bragging about their roles on Jan. 6, or of misrepresenting the size and scope of the attack and damage.

The judge said Thomas Munn "should've known better before leading the family into a chaotic situation.".

Howell also said some of the family members had made social media posts that "contributed to the misinformation about Jan.

The family trip to D.C. on Jan. 6 "went so far off the rails, there are five family members standing before a federal judge at sentencing," Howell said.

The Munn children were sentenced first, as their mother and father sat in the back rows of the courtroom. »

Trump worker told FBI about moving Mar-a-Lago boxes on ex-president’s orders

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The people familiar with the investigation said agents have gathered witness accounts indicating that, after Trump advisers received a subpoena in May for any classified documents that remained at Mar-a-Lago, Trump told people to move boxes to his residence at the property.

In the first interview, these people said, the witness denied handling sensitive documents or the boxes that might contain such documents.

Agents continued to gather evidence that Trump was apparently not complying with either government requests or subpoena demands. »

Passenger banned from BC Ferries tried to sneak on with wig and high-pitched accent

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According to RCMP, the individual was wearing what was obviously a wig, scarf, sunglasses, and spoke in an odd high-pitched accent that was either Australian or British.

The unwanted passenger, who was well known to police, refused to cooperate with police and fled on foot leaving only his wig and mask on a trail.

Victoria Buzz reached out to BC Ferries to find out why the passenger was banned. »

Antibiotic found in potato disease thwarts fungal infections

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The more we use existing antibiotics in clinical settings and in agriculture, the more antibiotic resistance develops.

Without new antibiotic compounds, we will struggle to treat once-controlled diseases in both humans and plants.

Exciting new research from Europe details the discovery of a new antifungal antibiotic called solanimycin hiding within a bacteria which causes disease in potatoes. »

Ukraine’s Path to Victory

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As Ukraine’s counteroffensive advances against an increasingly cornered Putin, it should mainly focus on liberating territory that Russia has seized since February 24.

But a full Ukrainian victory also entails freeing the parts of the country that Russia has occupied since 2014, which includes Crimea.

In the opening weeks of the war, the country stopped Russia’s blitzkrieg against the capital and then forced Moscow to retreat. »