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Wednesday October 12nd, 2022 night edition

image for Elon Musk Spoke to Putin Before Tweeting Ukraine Peace Plan: Report

Update 5:20PM ET: In a reply to a tweet, Elon Musk denied a report that he had spoken to Vladimir Putin directly.

I have spoken to Putin only once and that was about 18 months ago.

Bremmer subsequently reiterated his initial claims, which he first made to his Eurasia Group newsletter subscribers.

“Elon Musk told me he had spoken with Putin and the Kremlin directly about Ukraine.

Elon Musk spoke directly with Russian President Vladimir Putin before tweeting a proposal to end the war in Ukraine that would have seen territory permanently ceded to Russia, it has been claimed.

According to Bremmer, Musk said Putin told him these goals would be accomplished “no matter what,” including the potential of a nuclear strike if Ukraine invaded Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014.

Tesla and Musk did not respond to a request for comment prior to publication. »

Moonton Win Defamation Suit Against Tencent

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The company that developed Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Moonton Games, has been awarded 220,000 yuan (€29,000) after a judge ruled in their favour in a commercial defamation lawsuit against Tencent.

When Moonton Games released their Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esport mobile games title, Tencent lawyers felt that there was enough evidence to suggest that there were more than enough similarities between MLBB and Riot Games’ popular League of Legends titles.

In the United States, Tencent filed a lawsuit against the company for what they felt is copyright infringement. »

15,000 Ukrainians decide to have orgy if Russia deploys nuclear weapons

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The fear of the use of nuclear weapons by Russia against Ukraine looms over the current crisis, but some Ukrainians have found a... creative solution.

A large group of Ukrainians has decided to organize a mass orgy to take place on a hill outside of Kyiv in case Putin does launch a nuclear bomb.

Kyiv authorities said in a statement that they would distribute the pills in areas contaminated by nuclear radiation if evacuation was necessary. »

Failing to take Putin and Xi Jinping at their word | Peter Hitchens, Paul Mason, Bhavna Davé

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At HowTheLightGetsIn festival London 2022, Peter Hitchens, Paul Mason, and Bhavna Davé debated why the West refuses to really understand its adversaries.

The truth is, few people pay proper attention to what foreign leaders like Putin and Xi Jinping say anyway.

Paul Mason kicked off the debate by immediately subscribing to the policy of listening carefully to what leaders like Putin and Xi Jinping are actually saying. »

Biden labor proposal shakes up gig economy that relies on contractors

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The proposal would require that workers be considered employees, entitled to more benefits and legal protections than contractors, when they are "economically dependent" on a company.

Most federal and state labor laws, such as those requiring a minimum wage and overtime pay, only apply to a company's employees, who can cost companies up to 30% more than independent contractors, studies suggest.

Seth Harris, President Joe Biden's former top labor adviser, said the rule will not directly impact how courts determine whether workers are employees or independent contractors. »