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Wednesday October 12nd, 2022 morning edition

image for Elon Musk blocks Ukraine from using Starlink in Crimea over concern that Putin could use nuclear weapons: report

Elon Musk denied a Ukrainian request to enable the use of Starlink in Russian-occupied Crimea.

Musk told political analyst Ian Bremmer he fears a Ukrainian offensive could start a nuclear war.

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Elon Musk personally rejected a Ukrainian request to extend his satellite internet service to Crimea, the SpaceX CEO fearing that an effort to retake the peninsula from Russian forces could lead to a nuclear war, according to a report published Tuesday.

Following Russia's February invasion of Ukraine, Musk — and the US government — provided Kyiv with thousands of Starlink systems, enabling Ukrainian forces to communicate in what were previously dead zones.

Musk, speaking to Bremmer, said that he had been asked by Ukraine's defense ministry to activate Starlink in Crimea, which was invaded and illegally annexed by Russia in 2014.

(Bremmer is likewise adamant, writing on social media that Musk "told me he had spoken with [P]utin and the [K]remlin directly about [U]kraine.". »

Major milestone for Greek energy as renewables power 100% of electricity demand

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For at least five hours on Friday, renewables accounted for 100 per cent of Greece’s power generation, reaching a record high of 3,106 megawatt hours.

But there remains more to do to ensure that renewables overtake fossil fuels in Greece's power sector across the whole year.".

IPTO has been investing in expanding the country's power grid to boost power capacity and facilitate the penetration of solar, wind and hydro energy. »

Moonton Win Defamation Suit Against Tencent

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The company that developed Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Moonton Games, has been awarded 220,000 yuan (€29,000) after a judge ruled in their favour in a commercial defamation lawsuit against Tencent.

When Moonton Games released their Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esport mobile games title, Tencent lawyers felt that there was enough evidence to suggest that there were more than enough similarities between MLBB and Riot Games’ popular League of Legends titles.

In the United States, Tencent filed a lawsuit against the company for what they felt is copyright infringement. »

Comedians sue over drug search program at Atlanta airport

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ATLANTA (AP) — Comedians Eric André and Clayton English are challenging a police program at the Atlanta airport they say violates the constitutional rights of airline passengers, particularly Black passengers, through racial profiling and coercive searches just as they are about to board their flights.

Lawyers for the two men filed a lawsuit Tuesday in federal court in Atlanta alleging that they were racially profiled and illegally stopped by Clayton County police at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The comedians seek a jury trial and ask that the Clayton County police jet bridge interdiction program be declared unconstitutional. »

Failing to take Putin and Xi Jinping at their word | Peter Hitchens, Paul Mason, Bhavna Davé

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At HowTheLightGetsIn festival London 2022, Peter Hitchens, Paul Mason, and Bhavna Davé debated why the West refuses to really understand its adversaries.

The truth is, few people pay proper attention to what foreign leaders like Putin and Xi Jinping say anyway.

Paul Mason kicked off the debate by immediately subscribing to the policy of listening carefully to what leaders like Putin and Xi Jinping are actually saying. »