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Monday October 10th, 2022 night edition

image for 2nd Trump-appointed judge publicly says she will not hire Yale clerks

Summary 11th Circuit Judge Elizabeth Branch says she too will not hire Yale clerks.

Judge James Ho had urged judges not to recruit from Yale.

Circuit Judge James Ho in a statement to National Review, a conservative publication.

Branch, who did not respond to an email and call seeking comment from Reuters, is the first judge to publicly join Ho's call to boycott Yale.

Circuit Judge Jerry Smith, has called the boycott "regrettable" and said he hoped to receive more applications from Yale graduates.

Trump-appointed judge boycotts Yale for law clerks over 'cancel culture'.

Conservative judge urges U.S. judiciary to not hire Yale protesters as clerks. »

‘Not afraid anymore’: Iran protests enter fourth week

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Workers went on strike and street clashes erupted across the country over the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody.

Schoolgirls chanted slogans, workers went on strike and street clashes erupted across Iran as protests over the death of Mahsa Amini entered a fourth week in defiance of a bloody crackdown.

“Unbeknownst to them, our students and professors are alert and will not allow the enemy to realise their evil goals.”. »

Dutch employee fired by U.S. firm for shutting off webcam awarded €75,000 in court

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A remote employee of a U.S. business who was fired for refusing to leave his webcam on while he was working was awarded roughly 75,000 euros by a Dutch court for wrongful termination.

He was told that during the period he would have to remain logged in for the entire workday with screen-sharing turned on and his webcam activated.

The telemarketing worker replied back two days later, “I don't feel comfortable being monitored for 9 hours a day by a camera. »

US troops should be withdrawn from Saudi Arabia, UAE in wake of OPEC decision to slash oil production, Democratic lawmakers say

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“Both countries have long relied on an American military presence in the Gulf to protect their security and oil fields,” the lawmakers said in a statement.

“We see no reason why American troops and contractors should continue to provide this service to countries that are actively working against us.

If Saudi Arabia and the UAE want to help [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, they should look to him for their defense.”. »

Russian draft dodgers pour into Kazakhstan to escape Putin’s war

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Several days after Putin’s draft order, he bid his grandmother a tearful farewell and left his home in Moscow – potentially forever.

Russian arrivals queuing at a registration center in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The new Russian exiles are not technically refugees, in part because the Russian government still isn’t officially at war with Ukraine. »