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Saturday October 8th, 2022 evening edition

image for Editorial: Hey, QAnon — Texas had an actual child sex ring. Paxton’s office let them off.

Now, thanks to a blockbuster investigative report by the Associated Press, we learn that Operation Fallen Angel has quietly fallen apart because of the AG’s bungling.

One is being held in the Coryell County jail on other charges, while an eighth died in jail.

Boyd, a Republican, had a five-lawyer team working on the cases before handing them off to Paxton’s office.

It’s little wonder that the everyday work of the attorney general’s office, vital work for the people of Texas, has been neglected or mishandled.

A steady stream of disgusted attorneys, including some close aids turned whistle-blowers, has left the AG’s office.

Paxton has tainted the top law enforcement office in the state, and in the process, he’s apparently jeopardized a criminal investigation and endangered victims.

Paxton’s buffoonish adventures may read like a comic strip, but the harm he’s doing to this state is real. »

Dead Space remake will be 'native' on Steam, no Origin client required

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Another exception will be the Steam version of the Dead Space remake (opens in new tab), which releases in January.

Nevertheless, Dead Space is apparently a regular Steam game with no extraneous client.

Isaac was voiced in Dead Space 2 and 3, so remake developer Motive hasn't exactly taken a drastic departure from the overall source material. »

A Disgruntled Tourist Smashed Two 2,000-Year-Old Statues in the Vatican Because He Was Denied a Meeting With Pope Francis

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Around noon in Rome today, an American tourist requested an audience with Pope Francis while visiting the Vatican’s Chiaramonti Museum.

“The person who knocked down the statues was stopped by the Vatican police and has been handed over to the Italian authorities,” an official statement from the Vatican read.

No one knows what the tourist wanted to talk to the Pope about, but various outlets have questioned his mental health. »

Robert Hadden: Columbia University will pay $165 million to sexual abuse victims of a former gynecologist

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Nearly 150 women who reported sexual abuse or misconduct by a former gynecologist reached a $165 million settlement with the hospital system that employed him, Columbia University announced Friday.

Columbia University Irving Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Hospital reached the settlement with 147 women who were patients of Robert A. Hadden, according to a news release from the institution.

The agreement follows a $71.5 million settlement in 2021 between the hospital system and 79 women who were patients of Hadden. »

Key bridge linking Crimea to Russia hit by huge explosion

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The explosion, which witnesses said could be heard miles away, happened about 6am on Saturday while a train was crossing the bridge.

00:55 Fire engulfs bridge spanning Crimea and Russia after explosion – video.

Russia had for months assumed that Crimea – including the Kerch bridge – was beyond the ability of Ukrainian forces to strike. »