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Thursday October 6th, 2022 evening edition

image for Michigan library could close after town votes to defund it over 5 LGBTQ-themed books

Jamestown Township, Michigan — A small Michigan town is locked in a war over words.

The books include "The Breakaways," two books from the "Heartstopper" series, "Kiss Number 8" and "Spinning.".

A group called the Jamestown Conservatives recently led a successful drive to essentially defund the town's library and remove the books from shelves.

"These books and lifestyle choices are destructive and wrong," said one Jamestown resident during a meeting on removing the books.

Library board president Larry Walton says removing the books is censorship.

"We don't want any sexually or violently graphic material on display for kids to see when they come in the library.".

The final chapter will be written in November, when voters will again be asked to decide on funding and the fate of the library. »

LAPD Officer Killed During Training Exercise Was Reportedly Investigating Cops Accused of Gang Rape

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The family of a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer killed during a training exercise is suing the department for wrongful death.

The training at which he sustained injuries "was supposed to be bicycle training," but somehow wound up entailing the "grappling exercise" that the LAPD says killed him.

Gage could not confirm that the officer accused of rape was the officer directly engaged in the training exercise with Tipping. »

Margaret Atwood’s cease-and-desist letter to the United States for plagiarizing the plot of The Handmaid’s Tale

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Adopting one or two aspects of The Handmaid’s Tale to rebrand the American Dream would be considered “fair use,” but all of them?

Honestly, America, I get a Google alert every time you rip off one of my ideas.

My condo strata filed a noise complaint, and Hulu producers banned me from The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 set due to my phone’s incessant pinging. »

Walker’s Christian fans unfazed by abortion revelations

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Since revelations surfaced that the former football star and self-described “pro-life” Republican had allegedly paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion in 2009, evangelical Christian leaders in Georgia have banded together to support Walker, as has the Republican Party in general.

Those revelations continued late Wednesday with a report from The Daily Beas t alleging that the woman whose abortion he paid for is also the mother of one of his children.

So far, Christian evangelical leaders have not flagged in their support, saying that he aligns with them on key policy matters. »

Court declares DACA program illegal, but leaves policy intact for nearly 600,000 immigrant "Dreamers"

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The program, known as the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA), was blocked in court and was never implemented.

"Like DAPA, DACA "is foreclosed by Congress's careful plan; the program is 'manifestly contrary to the statute,'" the ruling said.

"It is clear, though, that only the passage of legislation will give full protection and a well-deserved path to citizenship for DACA recipients. »